People exercise and add to the South Bank of the 67 primary and secondary schools free of charge (vi

People exercise and add to the South Bank of the 67 primary and secondary schools free of charge to open the gym like the public attention, and daily exercise and a new place to go. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the south bank area, in order to further develop the public resources service society the function of school sports, to meet the needs of the masses of sports venues, promote the national fitness campaign, the South Bank of 67 primary and secondary schools have sports venues for free and open society. It is understood that the school stadium ground Nan’an District open to the society is divided into A, B, C three groups: group A: open school in their spare time and holidays to fully open to the community, community residents within a specified period of time, the ID card registration free access opening area. At present, the Yangtze River middle school, middle school, primary school danzishi huangjuezhen pass, Ho primary school, the roof Gang agile campus and Nan’an District Teacher Training Institute of the 6 affiliated primary school is the first school, school sports venues open to the community a school. B open schools: the use of registration system, in the school set time, by the community unified organization of community residents, with the community to enter the school entrance exercise. At present, there are 18 B open schools in the South bank. Class C open schools: only for the community team or organization of the organization of the group to open the venue, the need to apply for permission to get the school, in order to enter the designated areas of the school to play or exercise. Class C open schools have 43. It is worth noting that the residents involved in the exercise of the need to voluntarily purchase personal accident insurance, personal injury accidents caused by the venue equipment or other reasons caused by the insurance company to make appropriate compensation. Video for extended reading, nothing to do with this exercise fitness hot: "Road Runner" how to exercise correctly? Half past nine 160827相关的主题文章:

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