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"Patch" after the property market or a policy vacuum – Sohu comments round, the relevant departments in an effort to hold this bid prices at the same time, also introduced the financial risk of real estate policy, has been strengthening the financing of housing prices and mortgage loans, financial derivatives regulation, to curb the abuse of leveraged speculation. After the current round of regulation, real estate and financial institutions have strengthened the firewall, it also allows the management has been further wait-and-see emboldened and guidance. Recently there are a number of city overweight again the introduction of market regulation policy. Shenzhen 15 days to raise the proportion of down payment of provident fund loans, Wuhan also implemented the latest policy on the same day, the provisions of the city within the scope of the city’s household registration ban on the purchase of third homes. Hangzhou is in the last week, up regulation of the real estate market, to raise the proportion of the purchase Shoufu to suspend payment of third or more housing loans. The recent introduction of a number of new hot property market regulation and control of the new deal, due to the continuation of tightening in the recent regulatory policy, so some of the media will be referred to as the current round of regulation". The reason of market regulation "patch" is very clear, preliminary results strengthen the regulation of real estate, city real estate done in one vigorous effort to promote the market to return to normal situation. In early October, including Beijing, Shanghai, including the country’s more than and 20 cities have introduced a restriction on the purchase of credit based regulatory policies to curb real estate overheating. Policies such as general market flurry, obviously felt the pressure, but so far, most of the property market is hot shrinkage volume significantly, loosening price is not obvious, even Hangzhou city housing prices also rose contrarian. In this case, in order to promote the real estate market stable, rational development, around the "patch" for regulatory policy in the short term, is imperative. This year, the property market unpopular, but many people expect the gold nine silver ten, but control of the policy "one after another" stir the bureau. Since the beginning of October, in just a month’s time, there have been three wave regulation issued. First of all, in early October to the hot market policy of a city, started the current round of real estate regulation. After that, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing to deploy a special inspection of commercial housing sales, the CBRC also requires banks to conduct special inspections of real estate related businesses. Finally, some of the high fever around the city limit the purchase of credit limit issued a patch policy. Market regulation Dianmianjiege played a combination of boxing, the three wave has issued regulation means that the national property market environment is becoming increasingly tight strictly. The property market is expected next period of time, will gradually change with seasonal "winter", the new regulation effect after the release, based on around the property market turnover fell sharply on the price will be further loosening. After the three wave of offensive, the current round of real estate regulation has been called the strongest in history, what will happen? The probability of the situation is that the property market will gradually enter the policy vacuum. The introduction of regulatory measures, is not to the property market down, let the market freeze, prices fell. Therefore, the current round of regulation, although severe, but also to the point of brakes, the way to curb the trend of rising property prices are not normal. Once the market recovers, policy.相关的主题文章:

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