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Open budget pay quiz, the responsibility to be accountable in the editorial in 2015 from the implementation of the new "budget law", all localities and departments have a clear public budget statutory obligations, there are so many units to pay "baijuan", which is an urgent need to change. According to reports, by the end of 2015, the Ministry of Finance for the first time in the country organized a local budget in 2015 and the final accounts of the public inspection of special circumstances in 2014, involving the provincial and county level three budget units of 258296. According to the recently released results, as of the end of October 2015, there are more than 36 thousand local budget units are not many public sector budget in 2015, due to failing public sector budget report was criticized. According to the "economic constitution", said the new "budget law" provisions, from central to local, from the local to the various departments, report and budget report, the budget adjustment, the implementation of the budget and final accounts, except those involving state secrets, should be open to the public. This is not just a general principle of public budgeting, but also a more specific legal and illegal boundaries. However, the special inspection results show that there are 36638 units in the country did not disclose the department budget in 2015, accounting for 14.48%. This is lower than the 22.27% in 2014, but there is still a distance between social expectations and the budget law. Not open to the public sector budget, means that in the public budget making "baijuan". It is difficult to imagine, in 2015, the new budget law began to carry out the background, but also staged such a zero point situation. Now many people are talking about the budget "fine", to promote local public sector budget by the "type" and "money" to "fine" and "eye" can promote the subject, actually there are so many local units even the basic legal obligations do not have the budget. It’s like people are talking about how to go farther after the river, but there are some places even the stone are not willing to touch, can not help but give people a sense of disconnection. This is just completely undisclosed budget and final accounts of the situation. Specific to the already open, also has many problems such as: the integrity of the disclosure is not enough; is regarded as the most difficult fiscal transparency kenyinggutou local debt situation is still showing a "public" difficult lesions are illustrated 11 provincial governments and 138 municipal government public debt situation in 2014. In contrast to these realities, it is necessary and urgent to strengthen the enforcement of the new budget law. At least, that is completely eliminated and build a strong bottom line, "baijuan", to ensure that every level of local governments and departments to the public budget report, with the first and then to pursue the fine degree of transparency. To ensure that the bottom line, most need is to rule by law to force. Ministry of finance to form a normalization of the inspection mechanism, the NPC to strengthen the budget review and supervision on the one hand, it is more important to fully incorporate the final accounts of the rule of law. This requires that the local governments and departments to break the red line of the budget law, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the law and fiscal discipline accountable. The new "budget law" ninety-second article, not according to the provisions of this Law on the relevant matters of public budget and instructions, shall be ordered to correct the administrative responsibility for the directly responsible personnel in charge and other directly responsible personnel. So, right相关的主题文章:

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