One week after the end of the election, the United States embassy minister counsellor on foreign – S

One week after the end of the election, the United States embassy minister counsellor on foreign – Sohu education Beijing time on November 8th, the United States presidential election dust settled, Trump came was elected the forty-fifth president of the United states. Trump flagship in the election of the two card: one is the contraction of immigration policy, the two is a priority to hire americans. At the same time, Trump said to be on the H1-B visa crackdown. From Trump January 20th the official transition is two months, he threatened to tighten immigration policies in these elections, if implemented will allow students to "stay beautiful" road more and more difficult. Recently, the Sohu to "sound" students to interview US ambassador title of public relations counselor Lisa Heller and Minister counsellor consular counsellor Julie Kavanagh related problems they Trump after taking office will bring to the students the influence about their opinions. Analysis of the United States embassy minister counsellor: the international education exchange more frequent visa policy will not change much in addition to investment immigration, family immigration, immigration is one of the main ways of the Chinese immigrants in the United states. The United States in order to attract talent, apply for a green card for foreign students to open up channels, students can find an employer, and then apply for a H-1B visa, H-1B visa, you can apply for a green card. H1B visa holders can work in the United States for 3 years, and then can be extended for another 3 years, after the expiration of the 6 year if the visa holder’s identity has not been transformed, you must leave the United states. During the campaign, Trump said, after he took office, will be more difficult to apply for green card, even in a period of time completely stop making a green card, if so, to apply for immigrant families in the family to the United States will be more difficult. Trump also said during the campaign, STEM graduate Americans can find only half of the work is related to STEM. The H1B visa holders of non US personnel accounted for 2/3 of STEM professional positions. To suppress the H1-B visa’s position and attitude based on Trump, U.S. ambassador to China with public relations counselor Lisa Heller on Trump after taking office will reduce the number of H-1B visas for international students to talk about their own views: "I believe that the future will not have a big change, visa policy will not change. Currently, students studying in the United States and the United States to study the enthusiasm of students, this trend will continue for many years". The United States embassy minister counsellor Julie Title consul Kavanagh also said, "America is a multicultural country, in general, the American public is very supportive of student exchanges, which is an advantage of the system of higher education, the current situation of the future visa policy will not change a lot". The educational policy of the parties in the United States is different, and the attitude towards the study and immigration is not the same. The Republican Party has adopted a conservative policy on education funding, saying it should reduce the investment in education funding. Trump also said through the expansion of enrollment and the number of students, to supplement the school education funds. However, if the expansion of the scale of enrollment of foreign students will also mean a diploma Shui Ting相关的主题文章:

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