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Old Summer Palace twelve zodiac figures seven to 5 statues statue unaccounted for – Sohu culture channel on April 26, 2013 at 11 in the morning, Song Xinchao, deputy director of the State Bureau of cultural relics museum and Heritage Society Secretary Duan Yong met with the French PPR Group Chairman and chief executive officer Francois – Henry in Beijing, Mr. Pino?. Mr. Pino said on behalf of the Pino family, to Chinese government donated lost overseas in the first and twelve Dashuifa Old Summer Palace bronze rabbit rat. What is the "Old Summer Palace twelve zodiac figures"? Old Summer Palace twelve zodiac figures, also known as the "Old Summer Palace animal heads" and "Old Summer Palace bronzes", is part of the original Qing Dynasty imperial garden fountain in front of the Haiyantang Old Summer Palace. This group of bronze statue designed by Italy Ji Qing Dynasty court painter Lang Shining, the Qing court craftsmen making. The fountain is called "water clock" and "twelve hours, twelve zodiac Zodiac fountain" image of the twelve beast first person like to eight shaped side by side in the fountain, the south for the rat, tiger, dragon, Wu Ma, monkey, dog, North for ox, sheep, rabbit, snake, chicken and pig. The twelve day Zodiac statue turns water, every hour, the corresponding water animal population will be two hours. Twelve noon, twelve zodiac figures and fountain, spectacular scenes. After the invasion of the British and French troops dispersed abroad seven heads after returning in 1860 during the second Opium War, the British and French troops looted and burned the Old Summer Palace, twelve zodiac animal heads and many other Old Summer Palace treasures. According to the data, at the end of 1980s, the bronzes of the horse was first public auction. From April 2000 to May, the group in Hongkong, Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction to HK $7 million 745 thousand bid for twelve Chinese zodiac animal in ox, Monkey King was the first to HK $8 million 185 thousand to HK $15 million 444 thousand and 750 bid, tiger head. In 2003, the first American pig statue will be transferred to the owner of the lost artefacts fund, Macao entrepreneurs Ho? The repurchase. In September 2007, Ho? At Sotheby’s auction will be held before the first horse purchased. At present, the five bronze beasts are preserved in Beijing Poly Art museum. Count today announced the return of the first rat and rabbit head, has seven animal heads back home. 2009: the rat rabbit first controversial February 25, 2009 Christie’s auction, held in France in the The Grand Palace of Paris "Pierre Baer and Yves Saint Laurent?? heat collection" special auction, to 14 million euros will be the rat and rabbit heads to shoot, the buyer is China businessman Cai Ming super. According to media reports, Cai Mingchao refused to pay after the auction. Because the sale of illegally, so it is unable to declare the statue into Chinese territory, the auction was cancelled. Mystery: there are still 5 heads unaccounted for twelve animal in the first dog, Xiao dragon snake, sheep, chicken, first the first 5 bronze statue is still missing.相关的主题文章:

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