Odd cattle international data reproduction is not good dreams Fed rate hike in September

Odd cattle International: data reproduction is not fed rate hike in September Camry dream yesterday New York time, poor U.S. data, the United States that fell 1%, hit a 94.81 week low, generally rose, non US currencies, the pound against the dollar rose to 7 the highest since mid 1.3443; EURUSD climbed to the highest since August 26th $1.1255 dollar yen; fell 1.3%, at 102.05; NZDUSD rose 1.5%, hit the highest since May 2015; the Australian dollar jumped 1.3%. Data show that the U.S. August ISM non manufacturing PMI51.40, far less than the expected value of 54.90 and 55.50 of the previous value, and recorded in February 2010 to the lowest level; U.S. August non manufacturing ISM new orders index was 51.4, a record low since December 2013; the U.S. August ISM non manufacturing price index 51.8, a record low since January 2010. U.S. August employment market conditions index (LMCI) was -0.7, heavy depression negative quagmire, less than the expected value of zero, positive in July. Due to poor data on Friday is far worse than expected, the United States yesterday, a number of poor data, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates to cool, the U.S. federal funds rate futures show the next rate hike is June 2017. Technical analysis of the euro $4 hour chart, the euro dollar yesterday new disc strong stand on the 1.12 mark, the 100 moving average (4H) support, MACD rose to 0 above the axis and the red column kinetic energy has enlarged signs of RSI from the overbought area fell slightly, Bollinger Bands opening micro, the rising value of kinetic energy is strong, short-term to 1.1318-1.1356 region; if the exchange rate fell below the 100 average, 200 average and below the Bollinger band rail 1.1168-1.1179 range and strong support. On the 5 minute chart, the strong euro dollar pulled sideways, the exchange rate is now down to 38.2% and 200 Fibonacci retracements average support interval (1.1220-1.1222), which is supported by the material exchange rate after strong, below the support level of 1.1210 (50%, 1.1198 (61.8% line callback) callback line). GBPUSD 4 hours chart, breaking 1.3365 pound dollar strong stand on the 1.34 above, 50 average, 100 average, 200 average are now bullish signal, Bollinger Bands opening again to expand the signs, MACD red column kinetic energy steady, RSI value is nearly overbought, looking at the target position 1.3472 dollar (mid July highs), below the support the interval 1.3332-1.3359 (the range of Bollinger band rail and front turn resistance support area). On the 5 minute chart, the dollar rose hundreds of pounds after finishing sideways, the current exchange rate fell slightly thefibonacci callback line near 23.6%, the exchange rate supported by the material in the vicinity of 1.3400 after go up again, the 38.2% line, 200 average callback and integer bit overlap, and strong support. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more transfer.相关的主题文章:

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