Nuclear safety should be visible security haywire

Nuclear safety should be "visible" the national nuclear safety administration official website issued 25 "on the recent nuclear power plant behavior led to running events of the bulletin", the bulletin has analyzed 16 events, a number of nuclear power plant has been publicly named. This includes Fujian Ningde nuclear power plant 5. National Nuclear Safety Administration informed that, recently, a number of nuclear power plants occurred during the operation due to improper operation or misoperation caused by abnormal behavior or running events, and even trigger reactor shutdown. In the public impression, nuclear safety has always been very mysterious, including nuclear power plants, radiation sources, including the operation of nuclear facilities, the public are invisible. This time, the national nuclear safety administration to focus on a number of nuclear power plant operation event notification, meaning unusual, which indicates that China is moving toward transparency in the disclosure of nuclear information. Of course, such a gesture worthy of recognition. Nuclear and radiation safety information, but a class of environmental information. To protect the public’s right to know the environment, promote environmental information disclosure, which has long been written in the law, the disclosure of nuclear safety information, nature can not be an exception. In the disclosure of nuclear safety information, government departments in the past can be conservative thinking. Some government departments will be regarded as nuclear safety sensitive areas, they always emphasize the safety of various foreign related nuclear facilities is guaranteed, but don’t let the public see such security assurances from where, when some security incidents involving nuclear facilities, information is often downplayed or conceal, planning and discussion of some nuclear projects, public it is excluded. Government departments of these practices, it is said to prevent public panic. But in fact, it not only did not eliminate panic, but in the manufacture of panic. Nuclear safety is full of mystery, people will not know the relevant information, the result is the people the mere mention of the nuclear talks. For some rumors of nuclear related government departments, not timely disclosure of the truth of the incident, the result is a lot of rumors, panic spread, the credibility of the government sweeping. This lesson can be said to be too numerous to enumerate, in August this year made the storm location of Lianyungang nuclear waste facilities to raise a Babel of criticism of the 2009 Henan Qixian County, near the "cobalt 60 explosion" rumors led people out the collective "refuge", as well as the 2010 Dayawan nuclear leak alarm etc.. All kinds of lessons are warning us to break the information block, so that nuclear safety to the nuclear mystery is imperative. All along, the world’s major countries in the development of atomic energy, nuclear safety information openness and transparency as a consistent standard. In France, for example, as early as 1974, France has established a nuclear scientist Information Alliance ", which is a nuclear information dissemination organization independent of the government, to ensure that the French nuclear industry for the public to provide true and transparent information. At the end of 70s, according to the various types of nuclear facilities, area information committee established across France, information tracking and consulting for the local nuclear safety committee, members from the local community leaders, such as local politicians, occupation Federation representatives, environmental protection association etc.. The French parliament in 2006 issued a "nuclear transparency and safety law", the compulsory requirements of the relevant units of transparent nuclear information, and any person has the right to provide nuclear security and nuclear radiation information to the nuclear power plant operator requirements. It should be noted that in recent years,.相关的主题文章:

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