Not only Samsung’s mobile phone burn iPhone 6 plus fire lit bedroom 97179

No mobile phone Samsung iPhone 6 light burn: Plus fire lit bedroom Sina Technology News Beijing standard time on October 9th morning news, iPhone Plus 6 days ago in the United States on fire again, this time in the user’s bedroom. According to user Eve · Estrada (Yvette Estrada) told reporters, when she was in her dressing table, iPhone 6 Plus suddenly caught fire, causing the two apple watch support and a pair of reading glasses damaged. This is the second case of iPhone fire in a week. "I hear what the sizzling and then we heard a bang, the fire to take out from the mobile phone screen," Estrada said. In order to put out the fire, Estrada’s husband iPhone Apple phone thrown into the pool, and then the couple called the alarm call. Estrada said she has been in contact with the Apple Corp, the company has replaced her iPhone 6 Plus, and provides her with a new Apple watch bracket. But Estrada has also been told that if she wants to upgrade, you need to spend money to buy a iPhone 7. Firefighters at the scene said, iPhone has a problem, but it is not clear what is the fault. This week, another owner Darin · Ravati (Darin Hlavaty) also suffered a iPhone explosion, when the mobile phone is placed in his pants pocket. This week, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 also appeared in a similar situation. When a master boarded the plane when the phone caught fire, and this machine was replaced in September after the recall of the security device. A Bloomberg news report said the incident could lead to a second recall. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章:

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