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Ningxia defender: Desert Oasis Yao ancient and environmental protection — in centre axis position on the territory of the motherland, neither east nor west; 1200 meters above sea level, the terrain is not high not low; hot summer, not winter cold, green resources and wetlands, the air humidity is small, is the best tourist destination city and desert leisure is an important stage of livable city, the ancient "Silk Road" of the northern line, is the economic zone railway traffic artery of the Western bridgehead, is the third railway transportation hub connecting the northwest and North China, Shapotou airport has set up exchange centre with the outside air bridge. Defender, is playing a new role in the ancient "Silk Road" north of the station. Centre is located in the southern edge of the Tengger Desert, Tengger Desert and oasis is vast, endless, extremely arid environment, a wild profusion of vegetation; the Yellow River is rushing to nourish the earth, came to the centre; here you will find obvious geographical characteristics, the Yellow River City, along the river lee. "Desert" is the most powerful image elements, the excellent results of sand reputation at home and abroad. Built in Weibin, the Yellow River, in accordance with water, because the water and show. "Desert" and "water" in the sense of opposition to unity, to close and harmonious coexistence in the central defender, with the one and only the city endowment, so called "desert watertown". Now the centre of information industry is being started by Chinese Data Center Conference Industry named "the most suitable investment data center of Ningxia City, Zhongguancun science and Technology Industrial Park is located north of the Great Wall crashed landed here; but, like a mirage of the modern city, bridges, a beautiful Jiangnan garden. Today’s central defender, is full of youthful vitality, become the Silk Road Economic Belt on a bright pearl. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章:

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