Network security will have unified national standards in principle not to develop local standards

Network security will have a unified national standard principle, the formulation of local standards of JINGWAH news yesterday, the reporter from the central network information office was informed that the consent of the central network security and information technology leadership team, the central network information office, the State Quality Inspection Administration, the national standards committee recently jointly issued "several opinions on strengthening the national network security standardization work" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), make arrangements for strengthening network security standardization work. Opinions stressed the need to establish a unified national standards authority working mechanism, in principle, do not develop local standards for network security. Clearly, the National Standardization Technical Committee for information security in the National Standards Committee under the leadership of the central network information office coordination and related network security departments under the support of network security technology under the unified national standard, unified organization declaration, submitted for review and approval; explore the establishment of network security industry standards and liaison mechanism consultation mechanism; the establishment of major projects, major scientific and technological project standard information sharing mechanism; establish military network security standards coordination and liaison mechanism. Opinions requirements, to promote the network supporting convergence of safety standards and relevant national laws and regulations, promote the standard of network security and information technology application standard synchronized planning and formulation; integrated the mandatory standards, formulate national standards on the protection of critical information infrastructure, classified network and other fields, to optimize the recommended standards, as appropriate, make recommendations the special needs of the industry standard in the industry field, in principle, the development of network security standards; around the national strategic needs, to carry out research work of critical information infrastructure protection, network security review, industrial control system security, data security, personal information protection, network security information sharing standards etc.. > > interpretation of unified network security to improve the security of the national standard of information security standards technical committee secretary long Gao Lin pointed out that the opinion makes clear the national network security standard unified and coordinated, can avoid different departments and even the local industry standards issued by the unified problem, improve national security the ability to reduce the burden of enterprises, the implementation of standards, improve the enthusiasm of participation in standard setting. Now some of the major projects in the field of information technology, major scientific and technological projects on the industry’s attention is not enough, after the end of some projects tend to become only a research report." Zhan Banghua, general manager of Beijing digital certification company, said that to make scientific research really play a role, it is necessary to turn the key technology into standards, leading and stimulating the development of the industry. According to the China Internet Association released in June "2016 China report" protect the interests of Internet users, 54% of Internet users believe that the personal information leakage is serious, 84% of Internet users had experienced adverse effects due to leakage of personal information. From the second half of 2015 to the first half of this year, China’s Internet users because of spam, fraud information, personal information leakage and other economic losses suffered by up to 91 billion 500 million yuan. Gao Lin said that the development of relevant standards in the field of network information security can promote the protection of personal information security. Now a lot of Internet companies are collecting personal agency相关的主题文章:

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