Nephew posing as cadres to introduce the work in the name uncle cheated 3 million 660 thousand yuan

Nephew posing as cadres to introduce the work in the name uncle cheated 3 million 660 thousand yuan original title: since he was looking for a job for the children and nephew cheated 3 million 660 thousand yuan this year, all kinds of major telecom fraud cases occur frequently, causing widespread concern in the people at the same time, also makes the telecom fraud aversion outbreak. In real life, there is a fraud, the victim is often the initiative to send home". Guangzhou, a father for their heart, trusting work claimed in the provincial Party Committee Organization Department’s nephew lies, results of "relationship" did not get through, "good job" is not forthcoming, was also the nephew for Pit 3 million 660 thousand yuan. Recently, the Guangzhou two courts, Lin fraud man jailed for 13 years. Reporters statistics Guangzhou two court since 2016 in the Chinese referee documents published in the network of documents involving fraud cases found in, of which there are 22 cases were deceived because of the relationship. Objective to find the relationship between the different, and some for fishing and some to the entrance, entry, residence, to undertake the project, take the driver’s license exemption etc.. The relationship between traffickers commonly used trick 1 claimed to be a department official, the leadership of the family, or someone above, easy to promise. 2 suspects to take the initiative to find the family information, claiming to be able to find the relationship between the people through the money. 3 use of the work of a unit convenient, easy to promise the outside of the scope of authority. 4 the use of information asymmetry, knowledge differences, exaggerating the case or conceal the truth, from time to time to disclose a little inside information. 5 create a mysterious atmosphere, claiming that the big man does not want to see their families directly, crooks act as intermediaries, the actual controller. 6 things no progress after the parties see suspicious, and exaggerated the difficulty, continue to ask for money. 7 in order to defraud the trustee trust, but also to sign the agreement on the appointment and other forms of guise. Job posing as the Organization Department staff to help people find work for the child’s great future, Mr. Yu has been looking for a good job for his son. And he claimed to work in the organization of the provincial Party committee secretary Lin seems to give this desire to achieve a paved shortcut. Lin said he could introduce leadership to help his uncle’s son to arrange work, but need to spend money. From the beginning of 2009, Lin constantly looking for uncle, to need to spend money on gifts, examination, training and other name for money, for the child’s future, Mr. Yu said, his son also have received a Guangzhou department training notice, admission notice, recruitment report". Until January 2015, Mr. Yu has more than 366 yuan nephew. Afterwards he was confirmed, and that promises nephew is a lie, he did not work in the provincial organization department, and this huge sum of $3 million 660 thousand was also nephew squandered. August 2015, Lin was arrested. Case by the Nansha District court, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court, the end of September this year, Lin final jailed for 13 years for the crime of fraud. The case, I can be described as the biggest victim. However, parents are not more than one person. At the beginning of 2009 to October 2010, Lin Gang is the director of the fictional case with the provincial organization department, said to help sensitive相关的主题文章:

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