National Tourism Administration 47 unreasonable cheap travel agency was filed

National Tourism Bureau: 47 "unreasonable low price travel agency filing – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Tian Hu) yesterday, the reporter learned from the China National Tourism Administration, the National Tourism Bureau has recently organized in Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other 5 provinces to carry out special inspection, insist the goal. 47 of the alleged" unreasonable low price travel agency for investigation. National Tourism Bureau responsible person, the National Tourism Administration insist the "unreasonable low price tour mainly by collecting 12301 tourist complaints clues, tourism products online and offline quotation, field visits dark check, and tourists evaluation of Internet users and other channels, combing the key check to develop special plans of emergency measures; at the same time in conjunction with industry and commerce, taxation, net letter and other ministries, the mobilization of Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and law enforcement personnel, combined with the local provincial and County Tourism Quality Supervision and law enforcement departments, employ financial audit technical personnel, inspection teams to 5 provinces to carry out the" unreasonable price tour "special inspection. At present, the National Tourism Bureau has been coordinating the local public security, industry and commerce departments involved, the implementation of spot checks on suspicion of "unreasonable low price tour travel agency, the whole process of travel agencies to attract the quotation, false advertising, contract, financial transactions, the scope for further investigation, through on-site inspection record and registration evidence involved, cleaning clues, firmly lock the illegal facts; the inspection found that the travel agency operations are not standardized, on-site interviews, and ordered rectification. The responsible person said, at present, 5 provinces and 47 travel agencies have been included in the National Tourism Bureau to initiate an investigation, focus on the handling of cases; the National Tourism Bureau instructed the local tourism departments in accordance with the law strictly and promptly punished in a timely manner to the public and to inform the industry. In addition, the problem of unreasonable low-cost tour of the province will be included in the national tourism market, the focus of the regulatory area of the province has been monitored in a timely manner to look back, and then re inspection organization.相关的主题文章:

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