National figure skating Grand Prix will be held in Xinjiang for the first time sopor aeternus

The figure skating Grand Prix will be held in Xinjiang for the first time in new network for the national short track speed skating team is currently Xinjiang Ice Sports Center training. Liu Xin, Urumqi, August (reporter Sun Tingwen, Liu Xin) 2016-2017 national figure skating Grand Prix will be held on the ice sports center in Xinjiang on -24 26. Xinjiang ice sports center is located in the southern suburbs of Urumqi City, at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains, at an altitude of about 1650 meters. 26, 2016-2017 national figure skating Grand Prix first press conference held at the Xinjiang ice sports center. Xinjiang Sports Bureau winter sports management center director Wang Yimin said, the tournament includes adult singles, adult female single skating group, adult group pairs; youth group singles, youth group pairs; and ice dancing team total of eight. Currently there are 13 teams, nearly 150 players will compete. At present, due to Xinjiang only a professional player – Yu, Xinjiang people will look forward to more and more players in Xinjiang figure skating arena. In addition, Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo is also expected to attend the referee and coach of the national figure skating grand prix; then some well-known domestic champion in September will be fruitful show brilliant, smart beautiful figure skating tournament, the tournament will become Xinjiang figure skating enthusiasts snow feast. At the beginning of this year, the Thirteenth National Winter Games held successfully in Xinjiang, in the thirteen Winter Games held during the figure skating competition "hard to get a vote" phenomenon, thus, the status of figure skating in Xinjiang figure skating enthusiasts in mind. According to reports, the Xinjiang figure skating originated in 1972, in the year 1979 to 1985 in a major national competition has made brilliant achievements. In recent years, Xinjiang’s only professional figure skater Yu Tinghui came to prominence in the thirteen National Winter Games, she won a total score of 100.10 points, this is the first player in this season’s competition scores more than 100 points. It is reported that the Xinjiang ice sports center is located in Urumqi City West Township, at an elevation of 1650 meters, covers an area of approximately 550 acres, built a speed skating Museum, Hockey Hall, curling hall etc.. During the thirteenth Winter Games held at the beginning of this year, frequent game record. Speed skating in the men’s 10000 meters finals, Harbin team Liu Yiming to 13 points 35 seconds 84 won the championship, setting a national record of nearly 8 years of dust. The Urumqi team with 1 points and 59 seconds Han Mei 04, won the women’s 1500 m speed skating youth medal, broke the ice for nearly 16 years the national record. National team star Zhou Yang in the women’s 1000 meter short track speed skating finals, win another Olympic champion fan 1 minutes 28 seconds 742 Al, the results also created a new national record.相关的主题文章:

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