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Multi station of Zhengzhou metro line is "station two" chaos – Beijing 27 square station "station two", English Pinyin not tell Henan Daily reporter trainee reporter Wan Wenkui Yang Guifang Wang Chunsheng Zhengzhou east station subway station people Tucao "station two", the station name signs the same platform in two different English translation. Reporters visited the subway line, found a number of sites similar situation. Zhengzhou rail transit company said it was in the rectification. Tucao subway station, a station two, the two kinds of translation, a place called the two, really wonderful." Recently, Tucao said to the Henan Daily reporter working in Zhengzhou Panpan, metro line stop "station two", the name of the station signage at the same station in two different English translation "is not uniform, I thought it was not a road." Reporters rushed to the Zhengzhou station, Zhengzhou subway station just out of the door, the safety door saw are marked "ZhengzhoudongStation", and a just turned on the walls of the elevator in Zhengzhou east station translation "ZHENGZHOUEASTRAILWAYSTATION" appeared in front of a bus stop two name. "It shouldn’t be." Panpan wonder, this translation is also estimated to foreigners cannot read. Panpan of Zhengzhou public facilities that said "can’t believe". 10 morning, the reporter visited the subway line 1 found that the Zhengzhou subway line one site in the presence of a station of the two phenomenon. "Erqisquare" is marked on the 27 square above the safety door of the subway exit, while the D exit at the Plaza 27 is marked as "ERQIGUANGCHANG"". Subsequently, the reporter also found a number of sites in the Convention and Exhibition Center and agricultural road south, the same two similar signs. The reporter saw in the subway line two, bus stop name is more uniform, according to Chinese Pinyin spelling. [response] there is a problem, is the rectification of the Zhengzhou metro line two signs, the reporter consulted the relevant experts and the Zhengzhou rail transit company. The other side acknowledged that the subway site identification is indeed a problem, has been in the rectification." Liu explained to reporters the company’s operating department, the company has also recently noticed that the correction has been done, the radio station has been given to modify the play, for the early settlement of this situation." Due to the workload is relatively large, Liu said, for the first phase of the subway line two project opened before the first line of the identity of all corrections.相关的主题文章:

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