Miranti with the wind and rain disturbance Mid Autumn Festival in Fujian have been suspended on the

"Miranti" with the wind and rain disturbance Mid Autumn Festival in Fujian have been suspended ferry to Taiwan News Agency Beijing – in Fuzhou in September 14, the Fujian line of Defense (Long Min) this year the fourteenth super typhoon "Meranti", in order to ensure the exchanges across the Strait of Taiwan passenger safety, Fujian Airlines routes have been stopped. According to reports, "Meranti" 14, 10 is located in the southeast of Zhangpu County in Fujian province about 405 kilometers south of Taiwan sea, wind near the center there are 17 (60 m / sec), is to speed to the north west direction about 20 kilometers per hour to move, probably in the early morning of 15 front landing in Fujian province. Fujian province at the beginning of the day when the typhoon has started 10 emergency response. According to the disclosure of the Fujian maritime bureau, Xiamen – Jinmen route, Quanzhou – Jinmen route, the "two horse" routes (Masson Matzu), "Huangqi – Mazu" route, Pingtan direct flights to Taiwan passengers across the board suspended roller. Among them, direct flights to Taiwan passenger ship "Lina", "COSCO star" this afternoon will go to Taiwan for shelter. According to the disclosure of Fuzhou maritime department, has been to strengthen the emergency deployment of 11 patrol boats on standby, and coordination of the East China Sea rescue 111, East China Sea rescue 116 and 2 ships and 19 aircraft emergency professional rescue boats in the waters of Fuzhou on the tugboat. Fujian maritime bureau analysis of the relevant responsible person said, "miranti" with the wind and rain struck Fujian, leading to the ferry station stop, will return to Taiwan ancestral home for mid autumn direct impact. (end)相关的主题文章:

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