Million people selected the history of the strongest robot driver top20

Thousands of people selected: the history of the strongest robot driver TOP20 after a week of voting and statistics, the station on Sunday, the list of thousands of people on schedule released! The theme of this list is – who do you think is the strongest robot driver in history? This…… Penguin Niang feel driver is not strong, and he has a direct relationship with the body, ah, since the body is different, how to accurately evaluate the driver is not the strongest? Penguin mother said he has a face Meng circle. Well, anyway, the selection is also a form of entertainment, we look good! So, who is the Japanese Internet users believe that the strongest robot driver? Well, let’s look at my mother…… Well, the results of this selection to the forces down! The first few are as high as, up to, up to…… Pro who come to see, these Japanese friends choose the history of the strongest robot driver, do you like the list? Come to evaluate, this ranking in line with the standards of your mind? Title: · Muluo; Lei "Gundam" Penguin Niang think 841 votes, · Muluo; powerful of the thunder is not just because he played "Gundam" hero, but also across a number of "Gundam" series of works. As early as high as the driver, then the natural beauty "Gundam series little meat (and occasionally a few old Bacon) actor of the predecessors! When he was 15 years old only by manual driving up continuous destroyed two units of ZAKU, it is double ring lucky and talent body constitution! If the "Gundam" series held a cross time party, may all the way up to the driver to have a sound Muluo respectfully referred to the "ancestral"! Of course, if you want to do this party, get lost in the vast expanse of the universe of the "ancestral" back…… Runner up: Kira · and "Gundam SEED" since 687 votes "Gundam series to go from a handsome wind, let the driver not only ability, Yan is higher, the character set on the actor’s eye is more obvious than before the big characters are a circle, also appears more lovingly pathetic…… Oh no, bright! That Penguin mother looked "Gundam SEED", Kira a debut, Penguin mother thought saw a men’s beauty, handsome girl, who can think of his life so bizarre, ability is also linked to the end, also robbed bestie’s fiancee! Sure enough, the protagonist is not to provoke! Third: Invincible Eastern "G Gundam" 525 tickets do you think that when a robot driver is a very easy thing? In the battlefield, there should be awareness fodder every minute change! If you don’t want to so easily become fodder, imitate people "G Gundam" in Invincible Eastern sit up, not only can play up to still can play! But the Invincible Eastern, practicing martial arts should not "canon"…… Fourth: Camus · Vidan "Gundam Z" 433 votes the brother looks like that though Kira easily mistaken for a girl, but he has a girl’s name, and this]相关的主题文章:

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