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MIIT: 2020 Sina launched commercial 5G technology news February 25th noon news, the Ministry’s chief engineer Zhang Feng in today’s State Council Information Office held a press conference revealed that China was at the beginning of this year officially launched the 5G test technology, research and development test platform open, lay the foundation for China in 2020 to start commercial 5G. Zhang Feng pointed out that China and the international synchronization start 5G development work to establish a cooperative working mechanism in our country many enterprises, universities and research institutes jointly established IMT-2020 (5G) to promote the group to carry out 5G demand, technology, spectrum and standard of research work, at the same time, China also invited domestic and foreign enterprises participate in, promote the formation of a unified standard of 5G global, promote the 5G technology research and industry development. In the 5G research and development, Zhang Feng said that a lot of enterprises of our country and university research in the 5G in various fields has invested a lot of resources, our country also needs and concept of cloth 5G white paper, relevant suggestions have been adopted by the international telecommunication union. Zhang Feng pointed out that the Ministry of industry will actively support domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out R & D cooperation, and contribute to the development of new generation of mobile communication technology. According to the overall deployment of the Ministry of industry, 5G based development test in our country will be in 2016 -2018 years, divided into the key technology of 5G test, 5G technology verification and validation of the three stages of 5G system. Held in Beijing on the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) wireless communications department 5D twenty-third working group meeting, 200 experts from more than 55 countries have officially started the work on the new candidate spectrum of 5G and mobile communication technology assessment. (Zhi Yong)

工信部:2020年启动5G商用   新浪科技讯 2月25日午间消息,工信部总工程师张峰在今日国务院新闻办举行的发布会上透露,我国已于今年年初正式启动了5G研发技术试验,搭建开放的研发试验平台,为我国2020年启动5G商用奠定基础。   张峰指出,我国与国际同步启动5G研发工作,建立协同工作机制,我国的多个企业、高校和科研院所共同成立了IMT-2020(5G)推进组,开展5G需求、技术、频谱、标准等研究工作,同时我国也邀请了国内外企业共同参与,推动全球5G统一标准的形成,促进5G技术研发与产业发展。   在5G研发方面,张峰称我国很多企业和大学在5G各领域的研发方面投入了大量的资源,我国也布5G需求和概念白皮书,相关的建议已被国际电信联盟采纳。   张峰指出,工信部将积极支持国内外企业开展研发合作,为新一代移动通信技术发展共同贡献力量。   根据工信部的总体部署,我国的5G基础研发试验将在2016年-2018年进行,分为5G关键技术试验、5G技术方案验证和5G系统验证三个阶段进行。   日前在北京召开的ITU(国际电信联盟)无线通信部门5D工作组第二十三次会议上,来自55个国家超过200名专家也正式启动了针对5G候选技术评估和移动通信新频谱研究的相关工作。(智勇)相关的主题文章:

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