Meranti has caused Fujian Quanzhou 13 people were killed and 4 people are still missing in the new n marie digby

"Meranti" has caused Fujian Quanzhou 13 people were killed and 4 people are still missing – Beijing, Beijing, September 18 Quanzhou Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) Office of headquarters of the Quanzhou city flood control and drought in Fujian province in 18 released the latest disaster data, as of 18 May 16, typhoon "Meranti" has killed 13 people in Quanzhou the death tolls, 4 people are still searching for the missing; tolls direct economic total loss reached 6 billion 881 million yuan. According to the Quanzhou municipal flood control office of statistics, "Meranti" storm brought serious influence to the city of Quanzhou, Quanzhou into a typhoon wind up to 15, Jinjiang Weitou, Nanan Bai island wind reached 17, 18. The city’s average rainfall of 199.7 mm total, the largest of which was Nanan Xiang Zi station 540 mm, followed by the Yongchun mountain station 488 mm, were over a hundred years, a record for the highest value of rainfall. As of 18 May 16, Quanzhou city’s population of 764 thousand and 100 people affected, 115 thousand people evacuated, 14 thousand and 800 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 446 thousand and 600 acres, 209 thousand and 600 acres of inundated area, an area of 88 thousand and 400 acres of crops, the death tolls 57 thousand and 400 tons of grain production; 3754 livestock, aquaculture losses of 30 thousand acres; production of industrial and mining enterprises 3113; highway interrupted 957 times, power outage 810 thousand residents of electricity 945 times, influence, communication base station power interruption service 6499; damaged embankment 352, length of 52.32 km, damaged revetment 698, 28 sluices, rushed to destroy 314 embankments, damaged irrigation facilities 1567, 31 electromechanical wells, pumping station electrical and mechanical 8, hydropower stations 61. 18 am, the Quanzhou municipal government issued the 1+11 reconstruction program, consisting of a total of the program and the joint efforts of the 11 departments of the program, to guide the reconstruction of all over the country to carry out reconstruction. The relevant government departments also contact the actual situation seriously damaged the victims out of the "real money" subsidy policy, including the restoration and reconstruction of rural drinking water engineering, industrial enterprises to resume production and reconstruction are funding rural housing disaster, help people rebuild their homes. It is understood that the majority of the relocation and resettlement personnel have been returned, as at 18 o’clock, there are still Nanan, Yongchun, Anxi, Dehua, the focus of the resettlement of 342 people in the 17 place, orderly life. In addition, power supply, water supply, blocked roads and other infrastructure has reopened repair; repair station has 5766, there are still 733 base stations to be repaired, is expected before September 22nd can be recovered. (end)相关的主题文章:

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