Mentougou home prices and the new direction of traffic seven Changan Hongkun achievement melia kreiling

Mentougou home prices and the new direction of traffic seven seven Changan Hongkun Changan technology achievements Mentougou district is located in the mouth of grape Island, the project with its convenient transportation and price attracted many buyers favor and attention, like "life hanging open, our specific in-depth analysis about the advantages and disadvantages of the project. 1, has the advantages of convenient transportation, traffic development in the future is better; 2, complete, Chang’an Avenue West extension line and double valley around the Island District, grape Island District and other mouth to provide adequate living and entertainment facilities for it; 3, the higher price, compared to the surrounding real estate projects, the price is good. Disadvantages 1, small Huxing products, not suitable for improvement or micro improvement crowd; 2, six ring outside; 3, the surrounding business to be followed by the development of. The price of supporting shopping: Yongxing Jiayuan mall, Wumart supermarkets, century Hualian Supermarket, Potou market, Xing Shun Furniture City, convenience supermarket: Beijing hospital, Beijing medical Rensheng Dekunyaoyi hospital, Yongxing community health service station in Beijing City, the basic medical insurance community health service station, Mentougou District Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Beijing City Bank: Beijing City, rural commercial banks, rural commercial banks, ICBC, the surrounding facilities are complete, the project is located in Shilong Economic Development Zone, adjacent to the planned Mentougou Waterfront Business District, Middle East Gulf financial free trade area; residential distribution: Xishan, Changan Lijing (real estate information owners forum) and other public facilities: Mentougou Sports Center Shilong hospital park adjacent to the Yongding River, Century Square Park, Forest Park, riverside green grape Hill Park . Hongkun · seven Changan (real estate information) enjoy Xishan dragon natural resources, adjacent to the Yongding River, with Portuguese Mountain Park and Yongding river ecological corridor, the quintessence of exclusive Xishan Tianbao at the same time, close to 10000 square meters of ecological garden. Lots of traffic bus: 890, 931, 959, 960, 964, 977, 981, 994 bus Rail: Metro Line S1 Shilong Road Station car: Fushi, Lin Shi Road, Chang’an Avenue West extension line (2017 at the end of the opening to the mouth to grape Island) area of 600 square meters of centralized quality of the hotel lobby, small area the landscape, the floor space of 3000 square meters and exclusive parlor, boutique commercial street, meet the elite private, social needs, community with the golden key property company, 1:1 parking. Advisory Tel: 400-819-1111 to 610500相关的主题文章:

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