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Mathematics 0 composition of the 3 Zang Kejia how to test the university? – Beijing Wu Shimin many people will think of Zang Kejia, such a prominent literary master, certainly very good grades when I was young, or perhaps Curve Wrecker, a class of elite PA test! However, his into the University of the door can be used simply almost "missed" to describe. If placed in the present, the later become a "peasant poet" literary giants will be refused to the University gate. Since 1930, Zang Kejia in Qingdao national university entrance exam in mathematics, got a "duck’s egg", not only the math exam, zero, and the composition is only three words of Poetry: "life is always chasing the illusion of light, but who put magic light as light magic, who sank into the bottomless abyss." At that time, the Qingdao Institute of the National University of the dean of the Chinese department director Wen Yiduo out of the two essay: "why do you apply for Qiingdao University", "life.". Zang Kejia chose "life style", the paper wrote a poem just above 3. If now the college entrance examination mode, rely on these 3 sentences are not accepted. Zang Kejia’s "Bole", literary master Wen Yiduo Dujuhuiyan, repeatedly chanting verse, was overwhelmed with admiration for given a score of 98 points. Zang Kejia did not live up to the expectations of Mr. Wen Yiduo, after entering the university soon published the Song poetry, and in 1933 published the "brand" create a great sensation of poetry. After the publication of poetry "brand", soon to be sold, several bookstores also compete for the copyright. Many famous critics have written articles specifically for the brand. Mao Dun thought that Zang Kejia was one of the best among the young poets of the time". Zhu Ziqing said: "from the beginning of Zang Kejia, we have the true to life in the rural areas is the subject of the poem." Wang Tongzhao said: "(the appearance of Zang Kejia) really like over in today’s poetry on a fire." Wen Yiduo commented: "g home poem, no one does not have the meaning of life are really a." If Mr Wen Yiduo’s "not sticking to formalities drop talents" 0 points, mathematics, writing only wrote 3 poem of Zang, I never admitted to the University, may not be able to achieve the later literary masters.相关的主题文章:

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