Ma Huateng innovation is not to complete the KPI but to solve the user pain points

Ma Huateng: innovation is not complete but KPI to solve the user pain points "in November 17th, Tencent Inc chairman of the board and CEO Ma Huateng (micro-blog) when it comes to answer questions from the media at the Third World Conference of the Internet, in order to innovation and innovation, but easy to deformation work. We are more concerned about the user’s awareness of the service can be instilled into each product design, the operation of each employee’s heart, rather than in order to complete the task assigned by the leadership. Ma Huateng is participating in this conference on behalf of entrepreneurs collective interview on this topic. He said, do not in order to KPI, or the leadership must have two innovation points, this month must be taken out, and more to stay for the next year, so that it is finished. Must be in the process of rapid service users, which users complain, or feel uncomfortable, that is your opportunity to innovate." In response to the mobile Internet and artificial intelligence, Ma Huateng also believes that artificial intelligence is more cloud mobile internet terminal is a lot of change, change, change and change in the cloud terminal are complementary to each other, "not here no other side". The following is a question and answer memoir: Ma Huateng: Hello, the third came to the world Internet Conference, I feel there are a lot of old friends at the party, and the media are also very happy to meet, cherish this time. It can be said in the way of thinking is more and more clear Tencent development strategy in recent years, we should focus on our core ability still is to do instant messaging and social networking, as a connector of the strategy, and our digital content and "Internet plus", especially in WeChat pay as the representative of the "Internet plus finance" will there are some small break, we may be in the target in such several aspects, the other we are and the more we ecological partners, or beyond the ecological friends have a lot of cooperation, this is our position. Q: I have a question to ask Mr. Ma Huateng, Mr. Robin Li spoke at the meeting yesterday, he from the business perspective, the mobile Internet era has passed, the next outlet is in artificial intelligence, so I want to know how you look at it, not in the layout of Tencent? Another if 12 years ago you would expect BAT will become the three big now, but now it is time to a new outlet, we want you to give us a bold prediction, if in the next ten years, do you think the next giant or subversive will from one of these areas, or these insurgents with what characteristics? Ma Huateng: this wave of mobile Internet has been a few years, so its slope has slowed, but its volume is very large, there are many places above can be innovative, just a simple interview mentioned, such as bicycle, bike etc. as Mobell "Internet + mobile terminal such as bicycle" out of nowhere. But this is not like three or four years ago, when it was basically a pass, can not pass on the finished, basically the case. Now there are new opportunities, but this gradient may slow down. I am more understanding of artificial intelligence in the cloud, so just say a lot of mobile Internet terminal.相关的主题文章:

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