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Live in such a hotel, at the Meili Xue Shan – and affectionate Sohu before going to travel Merritt, this image from the circle of friends photos, I have seen repeated many times, we look forward to you can have the pleasure of seeing such a wonderful picture… In the picture, with snow capped mountains that same gleaming building is @ Songzan Mountain Travel Boutique Hotel Song Xan Meili. Supreme position of Meili Xue Shan in the hearts of the Tibetans, the status of this holy mountain is no doubt in the minds of tourists. If there is such a hotel, let you lie on the bed, you can easily see the legend of the Meili Snow on "sunshine Jinshan", you will be full of longing for you to live in this hotel? Songzanmeili… In the hotel, if you are lucky enough to have such a blessing, in the hotel room, terrace, bar, restaurant… Every corner, can easily enjoy the charm of the mountain… I stay in the room, really almost opposite the Meili Xue Shan, but unfortunately, it has been two days of fog. So from the start to the snow capped mountains occupancy, pray, hope to have a sunny morning. Although… Can not see the mountain in sight, but I was still sitting in the room is on the windowsill, drink tea, staring at the direction of the hotel service. Snow stickers experience tight, into the room will find the service students early for you open humidifier. Despite the fog, but the sun still shines through the window in the room, the sun through the spray mist humidifier, will make people feel warm and humid…. not every one of our guests to see the snow, I am the fate not to people, but it did not affect my mood. Sitting in the hotel bar, afternoon tea, although not to see but I can really feel the existence of mountain rain or shine, rain and snow, it is there. The hotel is located in the village, the name of the few farmers, good fun name. There are only five families in the village. After the fog, was filled with snow, in front of the village became no confusion in the world. Five hostess in the village of five households, is actually similar to work together out, seems to have the opportunity to go into this little world, near the village people. Almost every hotel… Song of praise, almost all located in the village of this land of idyllic beauty in general. The weather is not good, in the restaurant concave shape, waiting for dinner. In the dining room and the ceiling wooden pillars, is the boss from Tibet carefully chosen, can find such a quality of wood, and really difficult. Because of the snow, the hotel is also timely fireplace ignited, stove has been warm tea. From the Tibetan beer… The legendary hotel. Homemade noodle, really taste good, go to friends for breakfast every day to eat a few bowls. In the merry two days, so the fog and snow, flying temple through muddle along without any aim, in the fog disappeared, the fog top is really foggy. But song dengge gave me a big surprise. Traditionally, local people will start their journey to the mountains from here, it is said that people can think of相关的主题文章:

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