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Liao Caixing: if only recommend a children picture books, this is the only choice of Sohu – maternal little hair. Carol ^ more than 1 thousand and 200, audio books on children’s songs for free to listen to today and share a famous master Ezra Jack Keats picture illustration of the song book. At first it was attracted by the melody of the song. Later discovered that there are a lot of treasures hidden in the artistic value, followed by the art style like the master Ezra Jack Keats. No wonder Liao Caixing teacher so love, which contains the artistic value, worth and children taste, read it again and again. Author introduction: let us for novelty, beauty, truth, inspiring stories; open the books, they are all about the child’s story is written for all children regardless of high, short, fat, thin, regardless of race, appearance, welcome all the children into the palace of the book! Ezra Jack Keats – Ezra Jack Keats (1916-1983) is one of the most important writers of the twentieth Century book, his childhood love of painting, graffiti everywhere, he is good at using colorful language symbols and different media elements to convey a deep interest in drama. Reading his works, you will find that he is a very understanding of children’s Picture Book Master, because he is in the characterization of children’s psychology and the details of the action, do very delicate deeply. He believes that the book should belong to all the children, "honesty" is the most important criteria for the creation of a full display of childlike innocence, humor and creativity. He created the The Snowy Day won the 1963 Kedik gold medal, which is the first black children as the main color of the children’s picture book. The content of the works of Keats, mostly depicting streets and lanes child, outline the child centered, playing, struggle, to learn the growth traces of group life. Only a real understanding of the child’s writers, to write the children like the work. Picture: Over in the Meadow due to share songs in the vocabulary of beauty and beautiful melody, is a lot of illustrator painted many versions of Ezra Jack Keats this is considered to be the most has the appreciation value. See the teacher Liao Caixing sound list of the mothers, believe to have some understanding of this book, because the teacher Liao said that if only recommend a children’s song books, this is her only choice. Let’s enjoy it! P1 lived an old turtle mother and her little baby turtle "Dredging in the grass in the sun on the sand!" My mother said I dug in the " " little turtle said he in the sun all day digging sand P2 in the great lawn there lived an old mother fish and her two baby fish "swimming in the blue river!" Mom!相关的主题文章:

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