Li Shimin grandfather tomb found a number of fine stone carvings – China Network ca1805

Grandpa Li Shimin tomb found pieces of exquisite stone carvings – Beijing Tang mausoleum stone with the winged horse of the most beautiful, but also a lot of Tang Dynasty imperial tombs of the standard, but in the early Tang Ling, Ma wing position placed there was a unicorn stone, this is why? The ongoing archaeological work of Tang Shizuxing also appeared different from Ningling winged horse Unicorn stone. The newly discovered 9 pieces of exquisite stone inscription of the Tang Dynasty Xingning mausoleum for Tang Gaozu Li Yuan’s father, Tang Taizong Li Shimin Lee of grandfather’s tomb, located in Xianyang City Weicheng District North Village back. Yesterday, the reporter on the scene saw the Xingning hills northwest about 1 km from the Han Emperor Liu Bang Changling, west of Xianyang City, Qin Palace site is about 2.5 kilometers, and the south across the distance across Changan city in Tang dynasty. As one of the important contents of Tang mausoleum site protection project ", 2010, 2014, the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of archaeology has two times to the cemetery site for Xing Ningling investigation and archaeological exploration comprehensive, rudimentarily the overall layout and structure of the cemetery, provide the basic data for detailed planning for the whole cemetery ruins protection. 2016 archaeological work is mainly to the cemetery and part of building base of stone excavated, to further verify the authenticity of the exploration results. At the first stage of stone excavation work has been completed, clear the number and distribution of the Shinto stone. From the current archaeological excavation of the situation, Xingning mausoleum Shinto from south to north, ranked 8 on the stone, originally should have 20 parts, respectively is 1, 1 of the stone pillars of the unicorn, and 2 of Shima horse people, 3 to Shi Wengzhong, 1 of shishi. There are 8 pieces of stone on the ground, the newly discovered stone pieces of 9. Unfortunately, from the excavation situation, there are two pieces of stone and a horse who lost the whole Shi Wengzhong. 17 pieces of stone and the two complete historical records, Tang Shizu Li Bing is Tang Taizu Li Hu’s second son, died in the first year of the Northern Zhou Dynasty (AD 572 years) Jiande. Tang Wude the first year (AD 618 years), after the emperor Li Yuan Khan made his father as emperor yuan, buried Xing ningling. Presided over the excavation work of Xingning archaeological team captain Tian Youqian said: "these 17 pieces of stone from the style and artistic point of view, is not a Diaozao, but can be divided into two phases completed. Lions and unicorns for early Tang stone, Shishi and Sanyuan Li Shou tomb is in front of Shishi similar; the unicorn is similar with the Western Wei emperor Yong Ling Stone beast. These stone carvings have a distinct style of the early Tang dynasty. The remaining columns, and Shi Wengzhong Shima had advanced stone." According to the previous research results show that the stone tombs of Tang Dynasty, Tang Ling Shizhu base in Xuanzong before the lotus seat, Xuanzong period into a covered bowl shaped base, the base and the discovery of Tang mausoleum is covered bowl shaped columns. According to Li Bing’s identity, this should be completed later. Tian Youqian, Tang Lingshi horse was left the right Wu arrangement also is in the period of Xuanzong tailing this judgment, these stone wengzhong is completed later. Tian former speculated that the Shinto stone is divided into two periods phenomenon, recorded in the Tang Xuanzong period and the historical data of the ancient Tang Dynasty may be a large-scale ritual zuling. The cemetery found in Warring States Qin Tang Dynasty stone carved Ming historical relics相关的主题文章:

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