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Lenovo ZUK mobile phone was still normal bus rolling boot – Digital Sohu [Yesky] NOKIA mobile phone channel can stop bullets, but the mobile phone is huge monster bus rolling this thing you heard? The key is after rolling can boot, even the alarm can ring, could be Nokia attached? Micro-blog founder of the crime named @ friends released by micro-blog ZUK Lenovo official forwarded recently, a micro-blog called @ crime leader users sent a micro-blog mobile phone, said they were still strong enough to run over the bus rang two weeks of alarm, and equipped with a mobile phone to be rolled too horrible to look at. Photos from the photo, the mobile phone is the latest hot Lenovo Lenovo ZUK Z2, and the mobile phone screen is still normal boot state. The mobile phone users refer to "quality is the industry’s conscience". Micro-blog’s "hero" — was the bus rolling Lenovo ZUK mobile phone then, this is micro-blog Lenovo ZUK micro-blog’s official forwarding officer suggested that users contact as soon as possible "Lenovo ZUK service", it seems that even this can be crushed into customer service service, here Xiaobian must give a point of praise. Not only that, the Lenovo ZUK Chang Cheng often shopkeeper also then forwarded this to micro-blog, and said "forward and @5 friends, draw two lucky winners, send the upcoming new Lenovo ZUK commemorative edition of each one," said here that the new Lenovo ZUK, presumably shortly before we exposed Lenovo ZUK Edge! Since function from the stage of history, it seems everyone on the intelligent mobile phone quality has not been too optimistic, many consumers generally think that the mobile phone can be used for two or three years is good, especially for the mobile phone glass body, more like "a pillow with an embroidered case useless", did not expect this Lenovo ZUK mobile phone so long face, not only can boot after rolling, even mobile phone functions can be used normally, is simply too tough! It seems that Lenovo ZUK Z2 mobile phone controlled goods and materials is to Force, like the body of the glass users can no longer hesitate.相关的主题文章:

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