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LA MER can activate the new La Mer Zhen essential oil – Sohu (Chinese, Beijing) in October 26, 2016, is the global celebrities in hot pursuit of the Estee Lauder group’s top luxury skincare brand LA MER La Mer once again break the skin may be unlimited, new panache launched the double heavy oil and water can activate all essential oils for the skin to bring more senses enjoy the luxury of hitherto unknown. On the day, La Mer Europe, Middle East and Africa regional training director Sarantis Mr. Tsimilimis, China district brand general manager Ms. Xue Junping and media guests, enjoy a swim in La Mer carefully crafted "art play field", each guest can shuttle in three different creative theme of the magic camera, recording his own magic Hwan time; or stop LA MER custom CASINO table, like in Las Vegas luxury casinos; more in a nursing area, immersive feeling brought by the brand skin care expert extreme respect pet experience, from the face to the lips, from the hair to the body, and enjoy multiple fun experience, open the endless change Huan miracle. LA MER La Mer CASINO  LA La Mer MER luxury; Zhen Huan can live essence oil   a multi sensory nursing district       in the magic camera area and handsome male model with variable time record of magic Hwan energy to repair magic Hwan new Zhen can activate essential oil by water oil blend, so double texture imitation the skin surface sebum membrane structure, make it a perfect bearing system of active components. Shake bottle before use, instantly activate from the same raw material of rare miracle broth and magic essence oil activity contains highly effective repair energy, using instant active components in essential oil, quickly penetrate to the bottom of the muscle, the skin is coated with moisturizing energy in the visible tentacles; at the same time, magical activity the essence of the new cooperative regeneration enzyme was carried on double conveying system of water in oil, Everfount lasting repair anti-aging skin pump energy, highly effective stimulate new collagen significantly, fade fine lines and wrinkles, the skin’s natural barrier to reshape the tight elastic toughness. Day after day, the skin is more tender and full, from the inside out of the new light.   LA MER can activate La Mer Zhen essence oil wit multi sensory feast whether in the morning or at night, or after work or on the road, the new Zhen can activate magic essence oil can always brighten every moment in your life. It can be used as the first step of skin care at night can also render, dense skin repair, face to the lips, from the hair to the body, nourish the body every inch of skin and hair. Not only that, you can mix with your favorite La Mer products, and accelerate the skin cream mixed emulsion, and enjoy the ultimate moisturizing, or blending with body cream, soft and soothing the skin, personalize your skin care tips, enjoy the imagination of the art repair. With a fresh flavor and elegant flowers, the new Zhen can activate essential oil to let you indulge in the luxury of multiple senses, you open the oil相关的主题文章:

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