JY Dai scholar friends Please PDD to meet the practice of demon tuisan! winavi

JY Dai scholar friends: please PDD to meet the practice of demon tuisan! The evening of September 5th, he suddenly originally in the live broadcast, he explains why micro-blog in the afternoon of September 6th: yesterday night live off because my son suddenly scared last night he was lying in bed and suddenly saw what then shut eyes crying like crazy. Later my wife asked him what was wrong with his son pointing to a place where no one then wife asks someone? Son said that the wife asked aunt? Son waving not his wife asked Uncle? My son cried and said, "well, my wife asked me if I wanted to take you away." my son said, "well, this is the reason why I turned off the TV yesterday." Mention of the supernatural events, JY powder is, some people choose to believe in science, that is the baby nightmare, half awaken between dream and reality is not clear, but also felt prefer to believe it is not credible, or for the baby and a symbol of what! There are friends in my mind like echoed: Demon Tuisan, so they find that PDD to do a ritual! There are friends laugh, you do not JY the Buddha, also afraid of this? Sao Sao Sao, baby this situation is certainly very anxious to catch JY, seeking what can be at ease, but it is better to take the baby to the hospital to check oh. (power)相关的主题文章:

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