Jing Wang Technology Based on biological diagnosis into the wisdom of the medical

Jing Wang Technology: Based on biological diagnosis into the wisdom of the medical Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money, "into the new three board company research group reported" the rapid development of a few years ago, mainly is the medical device industry in rapid growth, the company has a good patent technology a number of new products, obtain the certificate, in recent years the growth rate remained above 30%, consolidated gross margin at around 50%." The day before, jointly organized by the national stock transfer company and Shanghai Securities News "into the new three board company research group reported to be located in Wuhan Optics Valley Jing Wang technology, the company chairman Wang Jianbin in the company is quite emboldened. "(biological detection reagent) this industry is still a major foreign companies in the competition, almost all of the international giants, but we still have confidence in bigger, why? This is a very large industry in some segments of the industry, we not only have the opportunity, but also many opportunities; two is that we have mastered the core technology of immune diagnosis, got about 20 patents, with the base; three is listed on the new board, we have the financing channel, there is money, too have the courage to do great things." Wang Jianbin introduction, there are three major direction of the development of Jing Wang technology future: one is the medical instrument by the biological detection reagent mainly, it is the foundation of the company; two online pharmacies, to sell its own brand, "Internet +"; three is the animal vaccine, but also to the biological antigen antibody independent research and development as the core, the main for the pet market. "It looks like industry direction, but for the company, the internal logic of cohesion is very clear, the core technology of immune reagent and vaccine is the same, but the Internet is an inevitable choice for the construction of sales channels." An agent is a key one of Wuhan Optics Valley biological City star enterprise, Jing Wang technology in recent years often receive research and peer leaders to visit. In the hall on the first floor, side walls, leading peers to visit the company guidance photos, the hall is filled with the products of the company be arranged. According to reports, the company products are mainly three types: one is biological diagnostic reagents, two medical apparatus, three is a vaccine, currently or in the biological diagnosis mainly relates to early diagnosis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, eugenics, pet diseases etc.. Wang Jianbin recalls, his earliest work in Wuhan sixth pharmaceutical factory, served as director and party secretary, and later in the K business, in 2005 after independence began planning, product development and accumulation, 2008 officially started operation in 2009, got the first product of the "birth certificate", after the listing of products market response is good, the flow of funds and profits, continue to carry out other products R & D and declaration. In the exhibition hall, members of the research team were attracted by a product called C reaction protein detection kit, one of its uses is to quickly distinguish between viral infection and bacterial infection. "Infection is very common, with this test paper, the use of fingertip blood, you can quickly distinguish whether it is a viral infection, to avoid the abuse of antibiotics." Wang Jianbin introduction, the theory of this product相关的主题文章:

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