Jie Zhenhua China’s greenhouse gas emissions data is accurate

Jie Zhenhua: Chinese reported greenhouse gas emissions data is accurate – Beijing, Beijing, November 1, business climate change Chinese special representative Jie Zhenhua 1, introduced in response to "issues related to emissions of greenhouse Chinese data", China engage in energy saving and emission reduction, has been developed for many years, gradually establish and perfect in system. On the basis of China’s existing capabilities and levels, the data reported by China are accurate. The State Council Information Office held a press conference on the 1 day, the special representative of the climate change China affairs Jie Zhenhua introduced policies and actions to address climate change Chinese 2016 annual report, and a reporter asked. Jie Zhenhua first introduced, China has launched a pilot carbon market in 7 provinces and cities nationwide, the progress is very smooth, the basic form of the market where carbon emissions factors perfect, outstanding characteristics and smooth running. "It will take some time for China’s carbon market to start and build fully, but it will be the largest market in the world’s carbon emissions trading market," he said." Jie Zhenhua said. On the problem of greenhouse gas emissions data, Jie Zhenhua said, especially in developed countries, not only is the carbon emissions of Chinese, raised questions about the statistical data of China always, this is precisely the ability of developed and developing countries on this issue gap. Jie Zhenhua, China in a stage of development, is now in as far as possible to improve the Chinese statistics, monitoring and evaluation system, Chinese engage in energy saving and emission reduction, has been developed for many years, this system in establishing and perfecting gradually. "I believe that the data we are reporting on the basis of our existing capabilities and levels are accurate and we are certain of that." Jie Zhenhua said. He said at the same time, but there is a certain gap between the rules of transparency of the international requirements, China is trying to improve the capacity of this area. 2018 to promote global dialogue, in 2023 to start a global inventory, which requires the data to speak. The other is the peak coal, both at home and abroad are concerned, the peak value of coal, carbon dioxide is not Chinese has arrived, Jie Zhenhua, now the coal consumption China indeed reduced, but whether to reach the peak of coal also need a period of time. He explained that China’s economic growth, there are many uncertainties, and now efforts to control the total energy consumption, reduce coal consumption, has seen results.相关的主题文章:

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