Jiaxing, a man wearing a fake gold necklace around fudge true gold master strokes mycoolboy

Jiaxing, a man wearing a fake gold necklace around fudge true gold master caught a man from Hunan, wearing a golden gold necklace around a trickster, a fantastic is that he is not deceive layman, but deceived in pedestrians, but more surprising is that the experts in hand really still be fooled. It is understood that the man surnamed Zhang, 28 years old this year, has worked in the play store. In May this year, Zhang has just made a similar means of fraud, was sentenced to the Changxing County people’s Court of Zhejiang, is still in probation period. Unrepented after he came to Jiaxing in Haining, because his money returned, spent 19 thousand yuan by a fellow bought 4 of the silver plated necklace as like as two peas 45 grams, each, with the appearance and workmanship of gold necklace is very similar, in fact, the gold content of only about 20%, but because of the interface and the entire surface is 24K gold, if the inner core is not cut open to see the necklace, almost impossible to distinguish between true and false. In October 11th, Zhang took the gold necklace to Haining City, the first is to use a fake driver’s license to buy from the Internet, with their photo, alias Jiangxi Dingmou, to a car rental company to rent a TOYOTA car. The evening of October 16th, Zhang wearing a gold necklace, a car traveling in Haining city. Hit the shop in a room, Zhang asked the clerk can temporarily mortgage your neck in the gold necklace, because playing cards lost, need money, so I want to cash the mortgage, the clerk said to look at the sign and the weight of the gold chain, Zhang will be removed from the neck in the gold necklace to the clerk, the clerk from the appearance of the above and the weight above is difficult to distinguish between true and false, then took the fire to roast it, but found no flaws, but when the clerk put forward to further cut away to see the necklace when the inner core, afraid to wear Zhang refused. Subsequently, Zhang went to Haining city another hit the shop, for mortgage necklace, this time, the clerk was fooled, soon the price of ten thousand yuan to receive a fake gold necklace zhang. The second day, Zhang continue to commit crimes, in order to be prudent, he replaced the crime locations, he drove to the Dongshan bridge outside Chang street a shop, in the same way to change money. Two fake Necklace shot, so he is very proud, but he does not know is that the first had hit the shop boss soon discovered the flaw, and immediately report to the police. When Zhang Chuaizhe lied to twenty thousand yuan for a chic zhouwangmiao Town, Hoi Chang police station by clues to find him. Currently, Zhang suspicion of fraud has been under criminal detention by the police.相关的主题文章:

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