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Investment performance of the whole world reported a loss of online travel winter? Online travel winter how far, see the loss of data from the glance. According to Ctrip, donkey mother parent Jingyu culture where the network and the way cattle and three new board listed its second quarter and first half earnings, OTA company in the first half to lose money. 2016 second quarter Ctrip earnings data from last year’s profit of $143 million to a net loss of $5. 2 billion 100 million yuan. The latest data released by the National Tourism Administration, tourism listed companies in the first half decline of up to 27. 26%, while the field of online travel investment events reduced to 57, only last year’s total of $30%. On the one hand is a loss of operating results, while the increasingly tight financing environment, online travel companies how to fight the battle? Project investors fatigued more than and 400 homogeneous online travel project database, but only the real vote 2 ", Gobi investment partner Xu Chen online tourism project for a large number of homogeneous already feel fatigued," for pure online travel business projects basically no longer look for hand burn too radical project is no longer dare recover investment." Tourism industry funding pool is getting tense. The day before the National Tourism Bureau released the first half of 2016 tourism statistics report shows that although the tourism industry continues to lead the economy, but the tourism sector in the first half of listed companies market performance is weak, or 27.26%, underperformed the market by 10 percentage points, scenic spots, travel agencies and hotel catering sector fell more than 25%, at the same time, on the the first half of the online travel sector investment event was 57, only 30% last year. "In the two years before the tour, personality outbound and excursions etc. there are some representative companies continue to emerge this year, online travel market structure without new formats and innovative products appear is the main reason for investment case is not much," Xu Chen said. Due to funding strand breaks and forced out of business projects in the collective outbreak this year. July, the main periphery of the tour to go to the weekend to play and P2P travel platform shelter me has announced the suspension of operations. In June, won the Alibaba, new horizon capital investment institutions such as star startups Amoy on the road to liquidation. Earlier there are tour Fu Tong, refused to house net, foot travel network, travel network, Friday to find fun, travel and other online travel company had been closed. Performance reported a loss of capital chain tension is more obvious tightening of the financing environment, the continued loss of capital chain tension is also exacerbated. Business model and product decisions are the key to the success or failure of start-up companies. On this basis, if the income can cover the cost of inputs, it is positive, characterized by a decline in the total cost of revenue growth. Otherwise, for burn mode, need to calculate the burn length and financing time distance, the time for space, then return to positive; otherwise (burn mode cannot return to positive) pass flower pattern for drumming, who then set man do." Three new board listed travel companies to travel network founder Chen Zuozhi in his circle of friends, such as summary. In September, the new three"相关的主题文章:

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