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Internet giants have layout   sports information will enter the era of charges? – media – People’s original title: sports information will enter the era of charges? (online China) recently, around the Premier League new media copyright and the network broadcast the war, with the Premier League last weekend unveiled the new season and ended — new media broadcast rights LETV sports, cohesion sports and sports in New England, and linked to a massive invasion of sports broadcasting market millet the company is not in the column. But in recent years the copyright competition is one of the new sports media market wrestling hand. Data show that last year, China’s new sports media market size of about 8 billion yuan, with the increased quality of sports content, users pay awareness increased by 2020, the market size will be more than $51 billion. Then, in China, allowing users to pay to watch the game may encounter difficulties? What are the major Internet giants to deal with? With the popularity of mobile games to pay an opportunity to progress, the mobile device technology webcast and improve 4G network environment, industry chain live sports are in a completely new way in front of people. At present, in addition to our well-known television broadcast, LETV, cohesion and other sports video giants with new media rights momentum into the field of sports events. In April this year, LETV sports launched the paid membership services, membership rights covering all the terminal screen LETV watch (including super TV, music as a super mobile phone, PC terminal, mobile terminal and cinema big screen and the future of the VR music and music as a super car). Music as a member has more than 310 top events watch privileges, of which 72% are exclusive rights, in addition, the members also have exclusive online and offline events and products. Recently, music as sports announced its membership reached 1 million 500 thousand. At the same time, music as the sport’s data show that the first round of the Premier League this year, a total of 8 million fans through its PC side, Pad side, the mobile terminal and TV to watch the event live. In the viewing habits, the mobile terminal has become the first choice of sports fans. This year’s Premier League, is expected to music as the number of members of the sport, bringing a round of outbreak." Music as sports chief content officer Liu Jianhong said. Cohesion sports is another way, I hope by the copyright dispute to focus on the user experience. That cohesion sports before the new season will start around "La Liga weekend" project, in which VR and 4K live HD broadcast will be introduced. In fact, the combination of VR and sports industry has been optimistic, however, because the technology is not mature, users will enjoy the perfect VR experience will take time to live. The new Spanish season broadcast programs, specific ways may be taken with the Premier League broadcast similar take "hybrid scheme free + fee". About sports pay model, other new media companies are still exploring. New England Sports in the Premiership copyright, according to the different quality and type of service network launched pay packages, such as the standard definition of 118 yuan season; Tencent and music as sports mode is similar, according to the length of time, charge membership fees; in addition, the Tencent also introduced according to the session fee model. Content and hygiene相关的主题文章:

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