In the construction site scaffolding collapsed site responsible person natural disasters roxane hayward

In the construction site scaffolding collapsed site person in charge: natural disasters on the morning of 22 9 pm, located in Guangqu road and West Point Road intersection at a construction site scaffolding collapse occurred. According to the official notification, the collapse caused by vehicle smashed part, 2 people suffered minor injuries. Witnesses said the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, saw a passing woman was injured at the scene. Collapsed after the accident, the construction site has been suspended, the cause of the accident is under investigation in the site responsible for the so-called "natural disaster" on the 22 day morning 9 am, some people reflect that the Jiulong Mountain subway station near a construction site scaffolding collapsed, a vehicle smashed the scene, and pedestrians were injured. 11 pm, BYD reporter on the scene saw the collapse Guangqu Lu Xi Road site is located in the northeast corner of the intersection, four layers and three layers of scaffolding in the construction of real estate from east to West collapsed, the scene has been around a cordon. Police and firefighters at the scene disposal, and rescue vehicles rushed to the scene. It is a time in the field of construction workers said the incident when he was in operation west of collapse accident, "I heard" bang, bang "sound at the time, and then see the outside the safety net down quickly, and it is a few minutes." BYD reporter on the scene saw the site of Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Industry Construction of the Refco Group Ltd, is building engineering Shidai dijing. 3 in the afternoon, in the field of construction of the Central South Building, said Chen Jianfeng, the initial cause of the collapse of the judge for natural disasters, caused by wind. Two people in the accident suffered minor trauma according to a female worker at the scene of the incident, saw a woman was injured, "I just saw her from out of the subway, smashed into the head, also nosebleeds, was asked how she felt, she said the right hand of Chi." In addition, she introduced BYD reporters, when scaffolding collapsed see workers in the safety net, "I see that they are being pulled out, should also be injured." 13 PM, Beijing Chaoyang District municipal government issued the official notification, the notice said on the 22 day 9 pm, xidawang road in the construction site scaffolding collapsed, causing the vehicle smashed part, 2 people suffered minor injuries. A nearby resident BMC reporter, before the incident every day out from the subway, "every time I go will look up, very afraid, will go faster, but not all people have the sense of security? And this site only at the subway exit door where there is a shed, but the roadside should have, because if it careening down what, with the acceleration of gravity that must be very miserable." For the cause of the accident, a worker said, because the scaffolding is only one side of the wall, and not surrounded by the wall, it may lead to build a solid. Another worker, the cement should be cast in the state is still exposed when the external wall, which leads to the existence of a certain distance inside the scaffolding and the outside, resulting in structural instability. Up to now, the specific situation is still under investigation. The smashed car difficult for the insurance payment in full BYD reporters yesterday arrived on the scene, smashed vehicles have left. The issue of compensation for the smashed vehicles, BYD reporters call a car 4S shop. Responsible for the claims of staff相关的主题文章:

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