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In the catering industry is delicacy technology digital Tencent how to "work" play crossover (Eskimo) antenna technology now has penetrated into all walks of life, natural food and beverage industry is also difficult to escape". In order to attract more young customers, many food and beverage companies are trying to integrate technology into their services. No matter is the blossom everywhere mobile payment services, the use of electronic equipment ordering, or a variety of interesting small gifts, science and technology have changed the traditional mode of operation of the industry. Intelligent community encyclopedia lazy artifact OneCook do for you all over the world delicacy Pizza Hut pizza box projector turntables seem to love the pizza hut in the pizza box. In the past year, they have launched a special pizza box called Blockbuster Box in Hongkong, which is special in the interior of the pizza tray. As we all know, the role is to prevent the top bracket pizza pizza box collapses and sticky pizza fillings, general plastic material. Blockbuster and Box on the bracket has a lens, as long as you will be embedded in the hole side of the box, and then put the mobile phone into the box and bracket, the lens can magnify the screen of the mobile phone content, projecting it onto the wall. In this way, the pizza box becomes a simple projector. As for the projection of it, we don’t have too much luxury. In this month, it launched a pizza hut pizza box can play another dish. After you’ve packed a delicious pizza, open the package and you’ll see the printed DJ pattern. You know, it’s not a simple shelf. These patterns are printed with conductive ink, and there is a circuit board inside the box, as long as the battery installed, you can connect it to the mobile device via Bluetooth, and then use it to play. McDonald’s children’s smart watch fast food will inevitably lead to high calorie and obesity, and in order to get rid of these bad reputation, McDonald’s is also trying to. Recently, McDonald’s announced that it will be equipped with a child’s package with tracking function of smart watches, to encourage children to exercise more. But you can’t expect them to be as advanced as the smart watches that cost hundreds of dollars. This smart watch is actually a simple pedometer, its built-in LED lamp with a moving speed of the wearer and flicker. In addition, it has no other function. But as a gift, we should not have too high expectations. Unfortunately, due to allergic problems caused by the watch strap material, this smart watch has been under emergency withdrawal. Kentucky Fried chicken as the largest competitor of McDonald’s, as well as in the adoption of technology trends. In order to avoid customers in the hands of the mobile phone screen at the time of the meal, KFC Bluetooth keyboard function into the food tray pad paper. After you have established a connection with the mobile phone tablet, you can type the Tray Typer pad. It is not only waterproof and oil resistant, but also can be recharged by USB. To celebrate the 60 anniversary of their entry into the Canadian market, KFC last year.相关的主题文章:

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