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How to speed the most fuel-efficient answer here only fuel-efficient experts teach you how to drive fuel-efficient driving tactics! Driving people can not do without a topic – gasoline. Since the price of gasoline, the friends of the drop in oil prices seems to have lost interest in things, but it is always efficient in riders in daily life. How much is the most fuel-efficient speed? As fuel economy speed is 80km H. Although there is an economic speed, but in many cases, we can not always maintain 80km h, such as road speed limits, such as congestion. How can ordinary car fuel? The car started, right. More and more riders know not hot place h-throttle, when the ignition speed until the water temperature is normal. Many riders are too anxious, just think of a fire, hot, or the results of foot throttle away · · · red light. 20 seconds to step on the brake. 20-60 second gear to pull the handbrake. 60 seconds or more can be off. Within 20 seconds of the short red light, directly on the brakes to reduce the shift process on the impact of the gearbox, but also more convenient. 20-60 seconds long red light, brake pedal effort, once fatigue easily lead to foot loose collision accidents. This can be linked to the free, let you relax, and avoid the vehicle start and stop frequently wear on the electric frequency. 60 seconds or more can be stalled waiting for. Some people may not be convinced, starting instant fuel consumption is also large. But the data show that: hot start of the fuel consumption is equivalent to the idle speed of 6-7 seconds of fuel consumption. So a relatively long time idle, hot start more fuel-efficient, affect the service life of the motor starting is very little. (the intersection is generally not recommended in high-grade car flameout, a start stop function to avoid traffic jams, another matter). The driving way of finding are most likely to worry with brake. After the emergency brake is followed by emergency refueling, how can not charge oil. Reasonable maintenance, keep in good condition. Change the oil regularly, check (gasoline, air filter, oil filter) and tire pressure. Poor maintenance of engine fuel consumption increased by 10% or 20%, air filter dirty, may also lead to an increase in fuel consumption by 10%. According to the requirements of manufacturers, driving a certain km (Ashkenazi, the United States is usually 7500 km, the Japanese Department of, South Korea) to replace the oil, and check the filter. Tire pressure is insufficient, rolling resistance will be greatly increased. According to the test, the tire pressure ratio is lower than 2psi, fuel consumption will increase by 1%. Therefore, it is best to check the tire pressure once a month. Tip: do not envy other people’s low fuel consumption, good driving habits, your car fuel consumption will come down!相关的主题文章:

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