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How to save fast? Watch "pioneer" energy data sheet: the ultimate hero graphic watch pioneer each hero DPS data of conventional weapons information the main content is the core elements of the battle group: energy management. The core mission of war is the ultimate, ultimate use of good, hard hit several minutes than you is more real. Several important ideas: 1, auxiliary energy not only from the treatment, but also from the injury. An auxiliary strokes can even top off 2 big dps. So when the auxiliary conditions, we must output as much as possible, on the one hand can provide greater pressure on the output, on the one hand can also be completed faster. 2, the offensive side of the output if not killed, then it will almost completely into the other side of the auxiliary energy. So, do not think that only the team lost the Dutch act is to avoid sending energy, when you play when the output full of energy, such as time or not kill et al. Grasp the time, don’t rub blood also avoid sending energy, energy is actually rub blood sent faster and more. 3, they can be assisted when milk back, do not eat the blood bag (except emergency), because the blood bag will not bring energy to any of your people. The more you eat, the greater the gap between the whole offensive and defensive energy pool. Maybe this is bad for your ultimate wave 200HP and not out of this. 4, the enemy output constant situation, the amount of milk needed so much. How to output energy and energy for reasonable distribution to the people who need to get the ultimate battle formation, is a kind of qualitative change tactics. Anna, for example, is a typical hero with this feature. (for example: 1250 damage, 4 people across the output of the average per person is only 25% cumulative, friends of Fang Anna is completely absorbed and turn to their 100% energy, directly out of a big move) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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