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[] Home Dishes aegirit fried beef, the taste of home – Sohu and life has just begun, a word: hope. I hope to achieve all grow mature, ambition, hope you have more and better life; in a word: tired. Do not want to get the non – willing to see others get easy, but it is rare to turn their own harvest, often tired body and mind; life to the end, a word: light. No matter how good things will be lost, experienced the vicissitudes of life can only help we practice a little heart. [] food: fried beef mushroom Agrocybe, beef, green peppers; steps: 1, to wash the Baicheng Agrocybe pedicle, Liangcun segments, roots thick, can also be torn into small pieces; 2, green pepper, red pepper wash and cut stalks inclined; mince garlic; 3, beef thinly. With a small amount of salt, soy sauce, starch, water, sesame oil and pickling; 4, take the oil into the pot, saute garlic, first green peppers, stir fry until six or seven mature with Spicy Salt and stir fry until re-entry Agrocybe, just Agrocybe water, then pour into the marinated beef, smoked, quickly released dark soy sauce. Stir fry until the color of beef cooked, then green peppers and mushrooms can also fully cooked, qiguozhuangpan. In the photo, these are old, but what is it about beef meal cut, online said beef coarse fibers, must reverse the beef texture cutting, cutting the fiber, but I found the beef is horizontal and vertical texture, what is the most appropriate cut knife? Seemingly does not affect the taste, only slowly learning to explore.相关的主题文章:

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