Hilary mail door fermented Trump win hyuna

Hilary "mail door" fermented Trump win? In October 28th, FBI Director James · announced that it will restart the investigation of Komi; Hilary "mail". This is considered to be in the United States in 2016 the biggest election day "11 days before the burst of the October surprise", this has been quite anxious to subvert the unbearable election posture. The decision to restart the investigation immediately attracted each passerby horse response incompatible as fire and water. The Hilary team strongly requested to clarify the contents and reasons to investigate; the Trump campaign took the opportunity to rally, "mail" attack severity has far exceeded the "Watergate"; and public opinion is more discussed why the FBI will open the major action is bound to affect the election in a delicate moment. For a time, with Republican leaning long-term director Comi whether there is deliberately interfering in the election and the Republican political power to become the field of public opinion, the eye of the storm. Objectively speaking, the "mail door" nightmare and Hilary’s presidential campaign low trust as the shadow follows the form, the ordinary people of Hilary. Why can the Komi on the eve of the election decided to formally restart? The most likely reason is that the survey touched on sensitive and directional evidence. On the one hand, compared with the July 5th reason, new evidence may prove Hilary in the use of private e-mail, even will clear the current rules to send national security secrets, typical of the "subjective" and "knowingly violate". On the other hand, the Secretary of state Hilary during his tenure of leaks, the Clinton foundation to accept overseas contributions, even around overseas donations bartering or misappropriation of funds for the Hilary campaign on various charges, are possible in the Wiener was confirmed by computer. After all, Abedin began to follow Hilary from the age of 20, was also in the 2012 Hilary outgoing Secretary of state, the State Council also employed by the Clinton foundation, Hilary’s office and a close relationship with Mrs. Hilary consulting. In other words, Abedin is likely to be linked to a number of scandals Hilary key clues. Before the election, to give the FBI more clear explanation of the circumstances, restart the investigation is rapidly reshaping the election, but may not have fatal influence on the final result. On the one hand, "the mail door" clearly revealed the political integrity and the integrity of Hilary, but because the fermentation has been a long time, again return also does not significantly disrupt Hilary’s "die hard" basic disk support. And for those who think about the election is not decided among voters, Hilary negative news will indeed scare a superposition of votes, but Hilary disappointed voters rarely will switch to ifheavier Trump, the result is simply the voting rate dropped lower and lower, two candidates base directly head-on the election, anxious, and polling data wrapped. In fact, no matter who is elected, how to bridge the scandal brought about by the election of the United States to tear the public and society, will be the new president in front of many serious challenges in the ring. Even in the case of Hilary’s election, the "door" of the combustion may evolve into the Republican Party to impeach the constitutional crisis of Hilary. In order to win the election of political self-interest, nothing to do, so.相关的主题文章:

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