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High speed bus fire wheel unaware police whistle stop propaganda – Beijing, more than 9 points last night, Yuyao Expressway road traffic is still busy, especially many large vehicles. Night traffic, a movie will appear in the police chase, suddenly staged. In the rear to catch up, is a police van. On the roof of the police car lights flashing, from time to time whistle signal, even with a megaphone shouting. But in front of the police car, a long-distance bus is still a moment to stop, to 120 kilometers per hour speed forward, did not stop. Seeing the bus did not respond, police officers inside the police car, choose to risk their lives, the bus for speeding stop. Wait until finally in the overtaking opportunity when the police in one fell swoop accelerated over and cut the bus lanes, while yelling, while the stop deceleration. It is the police chasing a fugitive? And be not so。 Stop the bus driver’s face confused, do not understand why the police risked their own cut off. However, the police immediately ran off, but it is very worried to tell the driver: "your car tires on fire! Evacuate the people in the car!" The way that the bus wheel fire police decided to stop the bus several police quickly block, a passenger evacuation and relocation, with a fire extinguisher to put out the fire inside the car, the police were full of action, is actually with a tired to. Take this car, is the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau Jiangdong river village police criminal investigation deputy director Zhou Kaifeng and five colleagues. Yes, is the criminal investigation police, Zhou Kaifeng and the players are not specifically for this car bus to the fire, but in the way of work, pay attention to the accidents of the bus without demur to help. Yesterday afternoon, Zhou Kaifeng led the team to the Ningbo case, has been busy until 9 p.m., before the busy work, a team of people driving back to hangzhou. In the car into the high-speed section of Yuyao, a burning smell of rubber, causing everyone’s vigilance. "As soon as it smells, we wake up and it’s possible that there will be a fire." Zhou Kaifeng and colleagues quickly four view, but has not found a fire around. Smell come from? Continue to travel two or three kilometers, but more than a minute, the answer is revealed – Zhou Kaifeng found that in front of a long-distance bus, the left front wheel is sparking. "There was already obvious fire, if the fire becomes large, the tire exploded, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Zhou Kaifeng immediately lights lit with a megaphone to remind the bus driver car condition. But the bus driver did not notice the situation behind, still maintained a speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The car wheel rim has been burned red, the situation has been very urgent. Zhou Kaifeng looked around 5 small partners: how to do? Do you want to go up and down?" "To! To save lives!" Without any hesitation, we gave the same decision. And we also understand that in such a speed, forced to stop a bus, how much risk to take. The car all of a lingering fear: Wei相关的主题文章:

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