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Hangzhou again rumors: let buyers through playing mahjong decide the qualifications to buy a house – Sohu news CNR net Hangzhou on September 21st news (Zhejiang station reporter Chen Zheng according to the sound of Chinese rushed North Joe) "peak Evening News" reported that these days a rumor: Hangzhou mahjong to determine the purchase order, a scene the logic completely is not established, is a Hefei netizen invented, became the last event 2 days micro-blog, WeChat the most widespread, is clearly contrary to common sense rumors, why would be seriously and wantonly spread? This news to distinguish true and false is actually very simple, the reporter about the users of the Baidu micro-blog, micro-blog has found him about "playing mahjong house" were deleted, and micro-blog pictures displayed in the Hangzhou Garden Music Garden in the international public platform issued a solemn statement: This is just an ordinary project organization the mahjong fun game promotional activities, does not involve any related operations associated with qualified buyers. Please pass, spread false information to maintain the objective spirit of everyone, rational judgment! Publishing false information and rumors, the company reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility. However, the impact of this rumor has not only in Hangzhou, and even spread to other places where prices rise. This is a joke is fabricated, the exchange is teasing fan the flames, the market, also call ordinary people’s heart. Some people said: a look is false news, but still exaggerated reflects the reality. Hangzhou is now the purchase is limited to the purchase. Chongqing, Chengdu, when the city is limited, the price is up. There is a feeling, as if the price is not an economic problem, but a psychological problem." Some people said that the purchase for us, can only be said to be a good news, Limited sales is the key. Buy a house, ten years to limit the sale, see how real! Xiaoshan, a real estate agency, real estate experts Wu Songgen believes that the introduction of the policy of the Hangzhou municipal government is expected in the event, if not limited, it will lead to short supply shortage, price inflation. For the public, there is no need to panic. The introduction of the policy is conducive to the restriction of part of the investment into the Hangzhou market. But the policy is still quite moderate, the effect remains to be seen.相关的主题文章:

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