Half a year in Hebei, a accountability eight clean-up punishment of 15053 people w-inds.

Half the time Hebei "accountability eight clean-up" punishment 15053 newspaper news (reporter correspondent Liu Zhengjun Liu Rongrong) from the beginning of February this year lasted six province "accountability eight clean-up" special action before the end, achieved remarkable results. As of August 30th, the province a total of 124654 clean-up problems, the completion of the rectification of the 122130, the organization deal with 6067 people, disciplinary action of 15053 people, the transfer of the judiciary of the 367. The main responsibility consciousness is enhanced obviously. In the "special action of a accountability eight clean", from the province to implement the two responsibilities of the party strictly carry out comprehensive on the issue of inadequate accountability. After the promulgation of the "Regulations on the accountability of the Communist Party of China", according to the requirements of the regulations, the province to expand the accountability for the five cases, so that the accountability is more comprehensive, more standardized. The special action of accountability 3526 people, among them, the weakening of the leadership of the Party of 68 people, 21 people lack of the construction of the party, all strictly poor 245 people, the party’s concept of indifference, organizational slack, slack discipline problems 1075, promote clean government and anti-corruption work, and resolutely not solid problem 371. The other 1746 people, 1890 people given party discipline. Through special action, the tighter the responsibility of the screw, the responsibility will play a consensus, accountability will gradually become the norm. In the campaign, our province will not only accountability as an important task, and accountability as an important means to ask five cases, liability regulations seize the typical, serious accountability. Xingtai County Commission for discipline inspection work is poor because of the special action, by the party warning. 6 County of Baoding City, due to the slow progress of the County Commission for discipline inspection conducted interviews. Outstanding problems have been effectively resolved. Special action to clean up the eight aspects of the problem, is related to the vital interests of the people, is related to economic and social development, and some have been resolved for a long time and there is no effective solution. The special action against the ills, hit a beautiful battle. As of August 30th, the province found that taking the problem of interception misappropriation of special funds more than 1.2, recovery of 2 billion 578 million yuan of funds; 198 thousand of all kejiyishang cadres fill in the doing business report, I quit to do business or relatives of 1861 people, 12903 people of accountability; the provincial development and Reform Commission and other departments of the province into the unified construction evaluation experts the expert database management, make the evaluation for many years without abnormal problems solving behavior has made new progress. Illegal public funds abroad (border) funds to travel, arbitrary charges and levies, bidding irregularities, illegal transfer of land, in violation of planning to adjust the volume rate, the number of super equipped cadres, illegal entry, illegal vehicles and other provincial enterprises with car problems can be solved. Shijiazhuang, Chengde city to hire accounting firms and other intermediary organizations, participation in the issue of special funds to clean up, to solve the problem of the specialization; Handan city to carry out rural micro corruption special rectification, Cangzhou city increased "chinakayao, abuse of power" and "violations of public funds and" two clean, solve problems the localization. Especially the causes of the problem carefully combing the comprehensive analysis, to find loopholes, improve the system.相关的主题文章:

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