Guangxi Martyrs Memorial Day held in Yulin Yang Kezhang Memorial Hall opening ceremony —

Guangxi Martyrs Memorial Day held in Yulin Yang Kezhang Memorial Hall opening ceremony — Guangxi Channel – Yulin 30 September, 9? 30 martyrs memorial day, Guangxi Yulin city fire brigade was held at the Yang Kezhang Memorial opening ceremony. All the officers and men of Yulin Fire detachment, the squadron officers and soldiers and the government full-time firemen participated in the ceremony. Yulin fire brigade party secretary, political commissar Huang Dian political commissar in the opening speech that Yulin city fire brigade is a shining glory of the team, the city fire officers and soldiers fighting in the round the clock fire and rescue the first line, the emergence of a group of outstanding loyalty fire guards, especially the martyr Yang Kezhang as the representative of the revolutionary martyrs, is proud of fire forces. Yang Kezhang’s self sacrifice, selfless sacrifice, love family life and loyalty to exemplary conduct and nobility of character, our interpretation of a new era of military fire responsibility, always worthy of our memory. Tang Anjun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Yulin fire brigade and chairman of the branch, said that Yang Kezhang martyr saved the lives of the trapped girls in the face of the choice of life and death, without hesitation to dedicate his life to the great feat. His brilliant deeds have been educating and motivating all the officers and men of the detachment. The establishment of Yang Kezhang martyr memorial museum will further promote the dedication of heroes, and provide a better platform for us to learn "heroes, see action" activities. Yang Kezhang memorial hall with map, text, audio and video form, tells the story of Comrade Yang Kezhang was determined to join the army to become a hero of the iron fire footprint. During the visit, a picture of moving pictures, a section of the lacrimal gland to urge people to video, deeply touched the hearts of the fire brigade. All the officers have said, will inherit and carry forward the good spirit of the martyrs, hard work, hard work, as a martyr to add luster, and make new contributions for the service of local economic and social development. (Zhu Xiaoling, Wei Gongbing) to (Xu Jinwen, commissioning editor Chen Lulu)

烈士公祭日:广西玉林举行杨科璋烈士纪念馆开馆仪式–人民网广西频道–人民网 人民网玉林9月30日电 9?30烈士公祭日,广西玉林市消防支队隆重举行杨科璋烈士纪念馆开馆仪式。玉林消防支队机关全体官兵、杨科璋烈士生前所在中队官兵及政府专职消防员参加仪式。 玉林消防支队党委书记、政治委员黄殿政委在开馆致辞中指出,玉林市消防支队是一支闪耀荣光的队伍,全市消防官兵们夜以继日的奋战在防火和灭火救援第一线,涌现出了一批又一批优秀的忠诚消防卫士,特别是以杨科璋烈士为代表的革命英烈,更是消防部队的骄傲和自豪。杨科璋烈士舍己救人、忘我牺牲、爱国爱家的高风亮节,用生命和忠诚向我们诠释了新时期消防军人的责任担当,永远值得我们纪念。 玉林消防支队党委副书记、支队长唐安军支队长表示,杨科璋烈士在面对生死抉择的瞬间,毫不犹豫以献出自己生命的伟大壮举,挽救了被困女童的生命。他的光辉事迹一直教育和激励着支队全体官兵。杨科璋烈士纪念馆的建成,将进一步宣扬英雄的奉献精神,为我们“学英雄、见行动”活动提供更好的平台。 杨科璋烈士纪念馆采用图、文、音、视的形式,讲述了杨科璋同志从小立志从军到成为一名消防铁军的英雄足迹。参观过程中,一幅幅感人至深的图片、一段段催人泪腺的视频,深深地触动着消防官兵的心灵。全体官兵纷纷表示,将继承和发扬好烈士精神,艰苦奋斗、努力拼搏,为烈士增光添彩,为服务驻地经济社会发展再立新功。(朱晓玲、韦功兵) 分享到: (责编:许荩文、陈露露)相关的主题文章:

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