Guangdong’s first diagonal zebra line opened in Foshan at the same time through 5 zebra crossings splitit

Guangdong’s first diagonal zebra line opened in Foshan at the same time through 5 zebra zumiaolu and build a new road intersection diagonal zebra yesterday enabled. Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Feng photo Guangzhou daily Foshan news (reporter Li Chuanzhi) yesterday, Foshan city Chancheng District zumiao road and build a new road intersection officially opened diagonal crossing, which is the province’s first diagonal zebra. Reporters yesterday at the scene observed that after the opening of the new zebra crossing, the intersection traffic order has improved. Although, people need to wait about 2 minutes to cross the road, but in 20 seconds before the green light, and turn to pedestrian traffic situation has been eased significantly cut. A green light: five zebra crossing and feasible zumiaolu and build a new road, is a key intersection Foshan City Temple District, is one of the largest intersection traffic flow, Foshan. Previously, this intersection due to heavy traffic, pedestrians crossing when encounter turn the car car for road of manifold adults, while turning traffic leads to stagnation of straight flow is blocked, thereby increasing the traffic pressure. Since this year, Foshan police through collecting folk advice and invite experts and research institutions, decided to delimit the first diagonal crossing the zebra crossing. Many of the city’s diagonal zebra is two, a "X" shape, and the intersection of zumiao road and build a new road crossing diagonal only one was shape. According to the latest design, the temple on the south side of the road and adjacent to something new to the diagonal zebra zebra will remain at the same time, a new zebra will increase a set of lights. According to the police, when the ends of diagonal crossing the pedestrian lights lit green tips can pass when the motor vehicle signal lamp at the intersection of zumiao road and build a new road four intersection will turn red, all vehicles are not allowed to go straight and turn right. At this point, the intersection, including the diagonal zebra crossing, including 5 zebra crossings can be used simultaneously, pedestrians can according to their own needs by zebra crossings. Police said they hope to set up this special zebra crossing, allowing the public to complete the zebra crossing in a green light time, but also to give the vehicle a truly accessible green light. A convenient traffic: hundreds of people across the street at 10 yesterday morning, the reporter came to the intersection, found the zebra lights for 20 seconds, but it will be a zebra green light, about 2 minutes. Prior to the public if you want from the intersection of the northwest corner to the southeast corner, over two zebra crossings, including traffic lights, etc., a total of 2 to 3 minutes. After up to 20 times and measured, the reporter noted that the diagonal zebra is enabled, the total traffic volume of a green time within the 5 zebra line of more than 300 people, and all the lights are pedestrians can pass. With a diagonal zebra crossing, how do people feel? During the interview, some people said that in the past the kind of crossing the road to halfway through the car turned out to be a surprise, no matter what, more importantly, more than a zebra crossing, crossing the road with more choices. So, the owners and how to see it? Reporters interviewed a number of owners, they have said, such as traffic lights.相关的主题文章:

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