Greenland holding 19 billion 600 million projects to expand the subway line to the city of three or coscoqd

The 19 billion 600 million subway project green holding just unfolding thermal expansion to three or four line City Securities Times reporter Kang Yin subway construction, PPP (government and social capital cooperation) tide, hundreds of billions of investment in the subway project has become a city between competing goals. Green holding (600606) September 8th evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd. to form a consortium to participate in the project of Nanjing Metro Line 5 PPP project public bidding, and became the first successful candidate, the bid price 19 billion 600 million yuan. Two days ago, the national development and Reform Commission issued in September 6th, "Baotou city rail first construction plan (2016~2022)" approved by the State Council, Baotou City, the construction of city rail transit construction projects with a total investment of 30 billion 552 million yuan. Coupled with the August approved Luoyang urban rail projects, there are 43 cities to build urban rail transit. Green holding announcement of Nanjing Metro Line 5 project, the starting point is located in Jiangning District of Kyrgyzstan and India Avenue station, the end point is located in Gulou District Fang camp station, the line length of 37.4km, all off the assembly line, a total of 30 underground stations, including 14 transfer stations. Nanjing Metro Line 5 project PPP tender, including investment and financing, construction, operation and transfer. After winning the project combined with the Nanjing subway Group Co. Ltd. jointly at the project site registered item company, in the concession period, the item company responsible for the project planning, financing, construction, operation management and maintenance. Green Holdings said that if the union eventually won the bid, have a positive impact on the company will build a large business sector development. In the PPP model to get the country to vigorously promote the occasion, the country’s rail transit construction boom is moving from a second tier cities to three or four cities. In September 6th, the national development and Reform Commission announced the first phase of Baotou’s rail transit construction plan (2016-2022) Notice, according to the plan, Baotou city rail transit network planning by 6 lines, a total length of 182.5 km. Approved in August, Luoyang urban rail transit project consists of 4 lines, the total length of 102.6 km. According to statistics, currently has 43 built Metro City, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing 4 municipalities; Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian 5 municipalities; most of the capital city; the larger population size, economic city of Suzhou Dongguan, Foshan, Wuxi, Changzhou, Xuzhou, Nantong, Wuhu, Luoyang etc.. That is to say, at present most of the Chinese have included a second tier city, even Xuzhou, Nantong, Wuhu, Shaoxing, Luoyang, Baotou, the traditional sense of the three line of the city also has. The expert predicts, "13th Five-Year" period about 50 prefecture level city rail transport planning will be granted. "13th Five-Year" period of rail transportation will be the rapid growth trend. Zhang Jiangyu, a senior railway planning expert earlier pointed out that many years ago, the state requires the urban population to reach 3 million before the subway repair. However, with the conditions of Lanzhou, Urumqi and other places approved the construction of the subway has long been broken. Light rail construction cost per kilometer is 2;相关的主题文章:

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