Fujitani Tasuke, Yamamoto Mizuki drama basketball is the youth love (video) crycry

Fujitani Tasuke and Yamamoto Mizuki have a love drama is the youth basketball hero Tuwu chaoguang [Abstract] love basketball school basketball team captain, in high school the last qualifier on the eve of the day and night to practice three pointers, but did not feel the progress of technology. Nevertheless, he is still the captain of the identity of the selected bench bench. The United States is Yamamoto & #21682;]160703 bus broke the caption group Fujitani Tasuke Tencent entertainment news (text Toji) Johnny idol group Kis-My-Ft2 Fujitani Tasuke for the first time as Fuji TV series starring drama "want to play basketball, want to fall in love" will be held September 19th -21 broadcast on three consecutive days. Actress and actress Yamamoto Mizuki. The owner of the house is the love of basketball, the school basketball team captain, in the last day of the last high school qualifying day and night to practice three points, but can not feel the progress of technology. Nevertheless, he is still the captain of the team selected for the bench, so set off a lot of young players antipathy. Feel the difficult situation in the hut, then met Hatori Saji from school. Two people quickly shorten the distance, become a lover, but after the bird suddenly transfer, Frence leave. "Love story" is a continuous broadcast basketball special planning for three days, the first night on 2010 high school last summer, second night about two years after college, the third night tells the story of another four years after entering society’s heroes and basketball and common progress of life. Fujitani Tasuke is actually a high school basketball department, and often participate in the game, so it is particularly handy shot. Youth campus drama also met a lot of his fantasy, while pushing his car while chatting with the girls, I did not do in the school age, but also think about how to play it." The heroine Yamamoto Mizuki is due to the past the school, therefore particularly coeducational campus life vision.相关的主题文章:

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