Front panel Apple fined large sums of money by U.S. index futures

Front panel: Apple fined large sums of money by the U.S. stock market index futures Center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 30 U.S. stock index futures set Tuesday before the decline, investors are waiting for Friday released the report on the number of non-agricultural employment, whether the fed in in September the rate hike will greatly depend on the data. Investors are also very concerned about Apple’s share price, the European Commission ordered apple to pay up to 13 billion euros in taxes and interest. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell 0.02%, the S & P 500 index futures fell by $0.05%, the NASDAQ index futures fell by 0.20%. Fed vice chairman Fisher said in an interview with Bloomberg, the interest rate path depends on economic performance; close to full employment levels; can not simply think that the year will only raise interest rates once. He said that the Fed may be the world’s most important central bank; we happen to the world and that Japan is very sensitive; the Fed will not implement negative interest rates in the United States in August consumer confidence index report will be in Beijing late 10 announced. Disk before apple fell 2.1%, EU competition commissioner, said in a statement: "the Committee concluded that Ireland gave illegal tax incentives to Apple Corp, over the years less than other companies pay a lot of taxes". The European Commission ordered apple to pay up to 13 billion euros in taxes and interest. Most Asian stock markets closed higher, European stock market is also on the rise. Crude oil futures rose 0.79%, the dollar index rose by 0.20%, metal futures fell across the board. Editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章:

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