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From the "Manhanquanxi" change "a" fear of cross-strait policy is an important reason – Beijing [Global Times reported] "those in power to deeply reflect on why people almost to the extent of disillusionment in government disappointed, pollsters responsible person questioned. Taiwan "Min Bao" quoted an expert analogy, "Cai Yingwen had opened out of politics as" Manhanquanxi ", now out of several" a "end to cope, people will certainly not meet." Cross-strait policy is to allow a lot of people have an important reason for dissatisfaction with Cai Yingwen, but the danger is that Cai’s support is now mainly rely on the DPP iron powder in support. From the honeymoon period is coming to an end, to the prestige avalanche fell, Cai Yingwen’s experience is not surprising. In the past month, almost a week before the "presidential palace" Ketagalan Boulevard will appear large crowds: September 3rd, 120 thousand "government" parade, to protest the pension reforms to discredit the government". In September 12th the "million tourism industry self-help parade, shouting" we want to live, work, food and clothing "slogan, calling for government attaches great importance to the tourism industry. The latest protests occurred in 25, Taiwan nearly 70 "anti eviction" groups held a "new hundred days, forced relocation, Tochi Jungyi, still return to Kay road", a protest on Ketagalan Boulevard, asking the Cai Yingwen administration to protect the living justice. Protesters pain, the DPP came to power, the land expropriation dispute cases continue to occur in the DPP ruling counties. "Cai Yingwen had opened out of politics as" Manhanquanxi ", now only to end up in the" small "people, not only to eat, do not meet." Taiwan "Min Bao" 26 quoted a figure of a former Cai Yingwen presidential campaign of ethnic policy convener Shi Zhengfeng. Shi Zhengfeng won the Democratic Progressive Party in 2000 for the first time on stage as an example, Chen Shuibian is "to Onokazu", so many policies difficult to implement, but now the DPP is "full power", Cai Yingwen has been in power for more than 4 months, "as in the interior, speak a little, be cautious, offensive there is no point in moving". Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Cai Yingwen’s ruling performance even Ma Ying-Jeou can not see it, Ma Ying-Jeou bluntly, the pace of policy is not only slow, but now is not a step at all, "said the". In the cross-strait policy as an example, Cai Yingwen at the inauguration of a declaration to properly handle cross-strait relations, but the current cross-strait relations, obviously there is a big gap between the ideal and the reality of the cai. The island’s political commentator Cai Yingwen liusi says that from the beginning of the day, almost all the important policy showing the "hairpin" confusion and blind phenomenon, especially relating to labour and vacation, pension reform and other livelihood related policy, the government is not "Cai hairpin", turn the transfer of public opinion is at a loss, "abandon the pre election promises, after the election completely changed". As he said: "even the teachers do not put a holiday are not conclusive, and what people can trust the government?" [Global Times special correspondent in the Taipei Global Times reporter Xiao Shiyan Ni Hao]相关的主题文章:

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