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Fresh Star fruit juice: dry, I have juice – Sohu and the autumn harvest, clear, very beautiful season, but also very annoying season, cold dry, cold and heat. People do not pay attention to a slightly cold, a lit up, let us impossible to guard against. At this time, may wish to eat in season Vegetable & Fruit, dry, we can easily deal with. Fresh Star fruit juice, sweet and sour, and cough fluid. When the throat is uncomfortable, to a cup of Star fruit juice, comfortable! "Quanzhou herbal medicine" in also mentioned, treatment of wind heat cough available fresh carambola. But note that carambola slightly cold, spleen and stomach do not eat too much. [ingredients] carambola 1, 12 teaspoon of salt, cold boiling water amount [] ready to practice a little love sweet carambola, carambola, pick some ripe; carambola wash, remove edge and core, soaked in salty water; carambola with cool boiling water into the cooking machine; start feeding machine 1 minutes, stirring; filtering Star fruit juice can be eaten. [5] food acid carambola therapeutic effect is better, if the students can add more sugar acid. Love a little juice rich, cool boiling water under less, I use the cold boiling water and carambola is about more than a. WeChat Sina micro-blog public number & fifth: the idle away in seeking pleasure相关的主题文章:

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