Fluctuations in the amount of price fluctuations in the market price of corn darren hayes

Fluctuations in the amount of floating corn price fluctuations in the early stage of the exposure of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! A spot market in Northeast Region: the amount of new grain enterprises have put more light when the transaction policy enjoys a near National Day, northeast farmers have entered a new season of corn harvest period. The set of goods is still the port penalty amount has more interference, but mid increase. Northeast enterprises have starting new grain, interval between 1360-1500 yuan, compared with the previous year to the vertical gap of more than 500 yuan. The demand in the market of high quality corn still has positive emotions, 14% less than 2% moisture mildew grain quotation is slightly higher in the range of 1600-1700 yuan. In addition to the new grain supply, the policy of corn in this week depressed transaction. The acquisition of the new season after the introduction of the policy, the market is expected in October high policy corn gradually exit, in line with regulation. Weather, October 6th years ago, affected by moderate cold air, Eastern Heilongjiang, Eastern Jilin, northern Liaoning, northern Hebei and other parts of the region will be the first frost. Recommend farmers to seize the fine weather, speed up the drying positions. North China region: the price of the base price is too fast to adjust the amount of enterprises in the last few days, the North China local sporadic rain, coupled with the price adjustment is too fast, resulting in the phenomenon of farmers quite price. Part of the enterprise as a buffer volume and adjust stocking rhythm, stabilize, individual rebound. The impact of large supply background, is expected to fluctuate in this round is still a short-term phenomenon, before and after eleven North China, if no other factors interfere, the amount will continue to sprint. But the market feedback, grassroots close to the price adjustment in place, cross flow has obvious profit, so continued to fall or have limited space. Sales market: south end of the new season the arrival of stable corporate stock corn present on the southwest, central and Southern China to form a comprehensive coverage. The price point of view, Southwest Sichuan highest price still has 2030 delivery costs, prices in other regions in the range of 1750-1900. Corn in Xinjiang, northwest, North China corn. Overall supply without obstruction. Before the end of the enterprise stocking has ended. Focus on consumption and cost changes. Port market: North and south for weak stocks are tight typhoon harassment to the end of September the northern port of shipment on the acquisition interval adjustment to 1680-1700, Jinzhou and Bayuquan, the tide of new grain corn days were over 10000 arrival. In the library there are 2 million 100 thousand tons, 200 thousand tons of trading stock shortage. This year the North Harbour from corn is scarce, so the north port in the "mixture of corn" extinct. By the end of the month by multi support, part of the acquisition of grab phenomenon. Support for price formation. "Catfish" north, Guangdong transactions remain weak consolidation pattern. Liao Ji corn has 1900 transactions, but the mainstream is still between 1920-40. With the use of enterprises with mining, weak trading mentality. During the national day, there are still 2 coastal typhoon warning, or short-term impact on the import and export. Cost estimates between North and South Port profit in 50-60. Deep processing market: dual baked products received preliminary support by the end of September 28th, nearly a year long debate the dual event finally landed in the Ministry of Commerce dust. The preliminary conclusion相关的主题文章:

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