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Travel-and-Leisure Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and an important tourist centre of Asia. The metropolis is known to have preserved the rich Malaysian culture and organizes countless number of events throughout the year. Being an important tourist destination lined up with beautiful architectural buildings, cultural centres and shopping .plexes it attracts several tourists from all round the globe. Hence, Kuala Lumpur flights are considered to be the carriers to the place of historical and cultural edifices. The major landmarks include:- National Museum It is the museum located near the Perdana Lake Gardens which reflects the culture and history of the country. There exist a number of galleries known for holding a number of events. The main hall of the museum has been beautifully designed with geometrically designed structures of the tiles. The museum is also known for the exhibitions of some ancient modes of transportation which include the American horse wagon, Melaka Bullock cart, etc. Many board flights to Kuala Lumpur to treasure the memories of this interesting museum. Tugu Negara It is known to be the National Museum of Malaysia which depicts the memories of the Japanese invasion during the World War-II. The amazing bronze sculptures of the warriors are the pride of the place. The monument brings afresh the historic moments and is recognized as the memorial park. The place holds the Warrior Day ceremonies and is regarded as the symbol of freedom and peace. People from all round the globe take Kuala Lumpur flights to pay tribute to the heroic deeds of the soldiers. Petronas Twin Towers It is a .bination of a couple of tall buildings which are one of the tallest buildings of the world. Visitors board Flights to Kuala Lumpur to capture the beautified sights of these skyscrapers. It is used for both .mercial as well as tourism purposes. The park adjacent to the towers is a well known joggers park with nicely maintained gardens, pools and fountains that attract lots of tourists all round the year. The amazing architectural designs of the buildings leave the spectators spell bound. Istana Budaya It is the cultural centre of the capital and is popular for the frequently held events and concerts. The live performances are held mainly to stimulate the expertise of the artisans. The architectural build up of the place is excellent and numerous travelers .e to capture the breathtaking view of the palace at night. Tourists take Cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur and cherish the moments around this notable tourist spot. Istana Negara It is the residential place of King Pertuan Agong situated on the hill slopes across the River Klang. It is a .pound with beautiful garden, fountains and pools. Although the place is meant only for members and not for public it is a popular photographic spot for the tourists. The palace has been nicely barred with fence keeping in mind the security aspect. Many board Kuala Kuala Lumpur flights to witness the beauty of this edifice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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